Second day of Vacay, CA (or How I’m not 22 anymore); 6/8/2011

Sleeping in R.i.k’s bed is nice, he lent it to me again this trip and he either sleeps on the couch or at a friends house.  It has black satin sheets and I like sliding around in them until I’m comfortable.  Which normally looks like a weird modern dance pose and I wake up with an achey back…but I slept none the less and only woke up when my mom came in to wake so I could take her to work and borrow her car for the rest of the day.  I double checked with her that Ginger would be comin’ home with me tonight because we were getting tossered and singing our hearts out.  She was glad we’d get home safe and said of COURSE my friend could come over.  I took her to work in my jammies (that’s a tank top and soft pants and slippers…).  I miss the ease of living so close to work that it takes five minutes to get there.  Le sigh.  So, I dropped my Maamm off and headed to Broadway Bagels.  Smurf’s treat!

I got back home with a fifth avenue latte and two spinach cheddar bagels with sundried tomato crem-chez smeared ALL over them.  They were delicious and I wanted 2 more, at least.

I was supposed to go see Ashley Chipette to get a pedicure, now that she was workin’ in Grover but we kept having to reschedule and eventually we just postponed it.  My feet wanted to be pretty for Vegas, but I’ll try to get to her before I head back to NY.  Smurf and I watched TV and just hung out.  Man, it’s nice to not do a damn thing.  Sit on that wonderful reclining couch with a yummy coffee beverage and my younger brother just laughin’ and chattin’ and watchin’ TV.

Eventually I put real clothes on and headed over to pick up my mom for lunch and go to see my big brother Cory, the Chiropractor.  I haven’t been adjusted since January’s visit and MAN I cracked everywhere.  Felt wonderful, I miss it and want it all the time–well…once a week ish.  Dropped mom back off at work and went back home and hung out with Smurf more then got ready for the night.

I had dinner plans with Jack.  I hadn’t seen him or spoken to him in a year and a half and have been feeling sad and incomplete ever since.  I found him on Facebook and messaged him, and he replied and we cried and made plans for dinner when I was in town to catch up, just the two of us.

I took a shower and did my hair and wore and outfit styled by Ro.  My diva/skinny jeans and black boots, her AC DC shirt and dark brown jacket, with wing earrings and chainmail necklace.  I was a rockstar for sure tonight.  I was ready by 6:30pm and Jack was due to arrive at 7pm.  Ready to go, my mom said we should have a shot to celebrate me and Jack getting back together.  Two shots of chocolate vodka and two shots of rootbeer vodka later, he arrived and I screamed when I saw him walking up.  I ran out the screen door and ran to him and wrapped my arms around him.  I missed his laugh and smile.

He came inside and said hello to my maamm and hugged her and to my brother Smurf, who was making some food in the kitchen.  Then we had a shot together and decided on Chili’s for dinner.  I was SO excited about the chicken enchilada soup and a caesar salad I could almost taste it.  Almost.

We hopped in his car, as always it was spotless and smelled good.  We found parking and headed in and ordered REALLY FUN margaritas that came in beautiful HUGE martini glasses and we ordered food and began catching up IMMEDIATELY.  It felt so wonderful to hear about Daniel, and his family.  I missed him.  I sat there looking at him and listening to him and got a little sad for missing out on so much, but at the same time I was so glad we were together again that it felt like that time past quickly and I had just seen him last week.

Time flew quickly and we headed over to Mongos and people began to arrive.  Julia, whom I hadn’t seen since highschool, and found me on facebook and has kept in touch with me pleasantly since then, came out to play.  She’s pretty.  Kevin & Vicki (and I saw her engagement ring.ooooOOOOOOooo), Anna, Smurf, Cincinnati, Ginger Bean, Baby Drill (I’ve known Shannon since she was 9..she’s 25 or 26 now WEIRD) Jack was there, and his fiance Daniel came out eventually, David and Nick were there–and I began to fade…I faded quickly.  More people showed up and i know I hugged them, I know they sang, I know we danced, but I don’t actually remember it.  WOW.  What I remember was 11:29 on my phone, then I remember eating a cheeseburger, then I woke up when my mom knocked.

So I had to filled in a bit.  Apparently I sang…a LOT.  Like…aLOT aLOT aLOT.  And I only remember singing about 3 times.  woops.  There are songs that I sang that I didn’t know I sang.  People I sang with that I didn’t remember singing with and every time the list got longer and people filled in the blanks I kept going….was I okay????  Did I slur the words?  hhahahah Did I NEVER FALL OVER????  And the answers leave with apparently I appeared fine.  Able to hold my liquor like a champ (or lush…depending on who you’re talking to).  I was still having conversations, still singing just fine, still drinkin and not spilling.  Still holding eye contact and engaging with people–not falling over.  But apparently I was very….VERY loud.  So much so that the bartender and security guy tried to hush me or I needed to leave.  um….75% of the people in the bar that night were there with me, for me, to hang out…with …ME.  Drinking and singing–YOU’RE WELCOME.  But I don’t really remember that either.  I probably don’t remember because I had::

4 shots of vodka at my Maamms house

1 margarita with jack

1 Pint size 7&7

1 pint size Grateful dead

1 Scooby Snack shot

1 pint size Jamie & Gingerale

1 Red Headed Slut

1 pint size  AMF

1 pint size purple drink…

and more…accept I don’t remember those because…I was tossered. faded. hammered. slammed.  gone. done.  shblammed. shot. tossed.  drunk. lushed-out, and more.  Don’t tell my aunt, she’ll be reeeaallly worried…

By the end of the night, which I don’t remember I was told this later, David and Nick drove me n Ginger to my Maamms house.  First stopping at Jack n the Crack.  And once home I realized I didnt’ have my purse with me.  F-word.  I also passed out peeing ont he toilet then eventually made it the bed where Ginger removed my boots and jeans and got me to put on m’soft pants and I passed out for the night.  I think I had water?

The purse dilemma hadn’t truly hit me when my head hit the pillow.


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