Third day of Vacay, CA (or How I’m the best drunk ever?); 6/9/2011

Damn.  I never finished all these vacation stories.  I have these notes, and because I don’t want to keep this in the “draft” section, I’m going to bullet point the rest of my vacation days from my June 2011 visit

*  Woke up took mom to work, ginger stayed the night and we got Broadway bagels and coffee. Except she didn’t get coffee, because she is crazy and doesn’t drink the stuff.   how can she not like coffee??

*  We watched most of “Across the universe.”

* Remember I lost my purse???? We were calling EVERYONE that was there, texting them, posting on fb.  The real life issue of my ID in the purse was hitting me and I was supposed to be on a plane to Vegas with my mom the next day.  And back on sunday, then to NY on wednesday. I needed to find that damn purse!

* Ginger and I went to Mongos to see if it was left behind, no such luck. And a random male stranger (random and stranger make that sentence redundant…) bought us bloody mary’s.  My first one actually, and it was super spicy. Yikes.

*  Nick, David’s boyfriend, came through and found it in his car stuff under the seat.  They didn’t see it the first time but when he got in his car for work he saw mascara and lip gloss and then went “oh! a whole purse?!”  So we met up with him in SLOville and retrieved my purse!  I realized I was the best drunk ever because even in my ridiculous state of NOTHING, I managed to grab my purse and put it in the car that took me home–I just…didn’t…take it OUT of the car…

*  Smurf made awesome burritos at home of which Ginger and I both had two as we continued to watch Across the Universe

* I realized my camera…was not in my purse.  Damnit.  Where the hell was it??  So I started checking clothes and other bags and texting people again ‘did i put my camera in your purse?”  No one had it.

* Rik graduated from High School!  We went to the ceremony at AGHS, he was dressed so handsomely and coming down from the  stage he did a double-jump kick and was like “wwwaaaaaaaawwwwwwww”  It’s because he’s cool, and cute.

*  We all went to China Buffet for Rik’s graduation dinner and I gave him a silly kid compass I found in NY and laughed because it was so he could always find his way home.  I also said to him earlier that day “Rik do you have any money to give me?” And without asking or blinking he reached in his wallet and gave me $5.  I asked him if he had more and he laughed and said he wasn’t a money tree.  I laughed and said okay–then I put it in his graduation card.  I. Am. Hilarious.

*  Then it was to Harry’s and Colin and Nahnnah came out.  My dadda also joined and sang Caribbean Queen and Smurf and I danced, it was so funny I hurt myself laughing, and Colin video taped it.  win. Saw Bree-Ann and Sue as well, and Bree-Ann let me take her camera and borrow it for the weekend I was in Vegas with my Mom, since I still hadn’t located my camera.

*  A woman at Harry’s told me I was the celebrity of the night after I sang and she told me my dress rocked–that rocks.


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