I only know 4 people here, I don’t know everything

I seem to be getting into trouble because I’m not taking the “be prepared” advisement *completely* to heart.

For starters, I didn’t even KNOW about Miss Irene until yesterday when boyfriendjenn texted me. I don’t watch the news or listen to the radio.  And I know 4 people in NY, none of whom I had actually SEEN this week, so if they knew they didn’t tell me, if it’s on facebook, I didn’t see it.  I don’t live online–I apparently live in a green apron.

2) I’ve never HAD to prepare for a natural disaster, but I did what I was told anyway (get water and canned food, etc)

3) We have not been told to evacuate, and where the hell would we go anyway? It’s an ISLAND, and the neighboring places are (I’m told) in more danger of flooding than Manhattan.

4) I make jokes.  I’m funny sometimes and will stand in line at the grocery store and say things like “a hurricane?  what’s that? Do I have to wear a sweater or something?”

5) There are ….millions…of people here, all of us (I’m sure) are doing our best.  I fear for those without a home or the means to get a roof over their head and water or food in their bodies.

This is the best I can do with what little money I have to spend on canned food and getting-prepared-for-a-disaster information.  I have *some* food.  We have *some* water. Later this afternoon/early evening the a/c units will come out of the windows and we’ll pin the curtains to contain shattered glass in the event Miss Irene blows us a kiss, and breaks stuff.

I don’t know what else to tell you.  Right now–I’m fine.  It was a lovely day yesterday,  BEAUTIFUL.  This morning it looks just a tiny bit overcast and I am currently in my soft pants and tank top with a cup of coffee preparing to read my book Deception Point, by Dan Brown,  or watch a movie or something.

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