For the most part, I understand even without words, but sometimes…

It is not often someone writes to me or for me.  Those that send their love on cards and postcards via snail mail find a place pinned to my wall in the room I share with someone I love.  It is sometimes an awful realization that humans lack a human-connection, and yet, for the most part–from what I know and experience–we all want it…somehow.

My Darling,  I want you to know how happy you make me and how much I look forward to coming home to you–every. single. night. And I want you to know I read the things you write to me, always.  I keep them close to me.  Your newest edition of “I’m not good with words” was copied, and pasted below.


I am insecure! I am vulnerable! I am scared!

But this imperfect heart o’ mine I have declared.

to be yours, the only offer I have left.


You can take it or leave it whatever you choose.

I only hope and pray that we don’t lose.

We both had our share of loss and theft.


I am strong, I am loving, I am caring

My life and my thoughts I will be sharing.

With you for as long as I walk this earth


You can live with and listen to me whatever you choose

I wish that within each other we do not misuse

Our trust, faith and words that have precious worth.


Goodnight my princess now its time to dream.

And sleep on the choices we made and will make.

I hope we always choose each other.

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