Welcome to my hometown, Darling: Day Three

Got only 6 or so hours of sleep and woke up.  Something about drinking too much, I don’t just pass out and sleep it off.  I’ll pass out, wake up and try to keep sleeping–and fail.  My Darling and I slowly trickled out of the bedroom and gathered up our suitcases and loaded up the car and headed to Los Osos, where we were staying in a guest bedroom.  Miss Liz, a friend of my my Maamm’s was our hostess.  With the garage door opener en tow, we got in the house and brought in our suitcases.  Then there was sleep.

A couple hours later we woke up and showered and visited with Miss Liz a bit then headed back into AG.  Swung my my Maamm’s house and picked up Smurf and The Rikster and headed for my Dadda’s house.  Stopping for two reasons.  To photograph the shortest mailbox in the neighborhood, and the tallest. hahahahah  Got video footage of those ones!

My Darling was a little nervous, as most “boyfriends,” or “mates” or “significant others” are when meeting “The Father.”  I looked at him and put my hands on his shoulders and said something like this, “Look.  It’s not like when I was a teenager and my dadda would meet boys at a family BBQ inviting all the blackbelts in the county.  He’s gonna stand up and shake your hand, offer you food and probably be watching golf.” And not to pat my own back, but when we walked in–I called it.

Dadda made the best dinner: My Favorite Chicken.  I don’t know how long my dadda’s been making this chicken, my maamm can even bust it out pretty well–but I never get tired of it, sick of it or over it.  I would eat it endlessly if I didn’t get full.  It’s like a teriyaki chicken, but not…and it’s served with rice and corn.  Do not substitute a different vegetable or rice thing.  As in, don’t put it on noodles–it MUST be on rice!  And don’t actually eat the ginger root…it’s only there for flavor.  I mean, my dad doesn’t just open that can of corn and heat it up, he seasons it somehow.  And it’s not just soy sauce over that chicken, the ratio of some water and some sugar is PERFECT and poured over that rice is decadent.  At least to me it is.  My darling tried to ask me what kind of chicken it was and I said “My favorite chicken” and he said “ok but what is the dish called?” and I said “My favorite chicken” he laughed and was like I get that it’s your favorite but what KIND of chicken is it, I looked at him and with hands and quote signs I said slowly and with a bit more volume…”My. FAVORITE. Chicken”  As in …that IS the name of the dish.  And he laughed and said ok ok ok I get it!  I’m pretty sure he’s gonna try to make it.  I’ve tried a few times, and failed–but he actually knows HOW to cook, so maybe I’ll get my favorite chicken even HERE IN NEW YORK.  That’d be a win, fo’shizzle–I know I’m not cool when I do that.

As we sat around visiting Dadda had the new Hawaii 5-O in the background.  MAN that Alex O’Lachlan is a looker.  I loved him in Moonlight, the vampire series.  I wish it was more than one season.  It should’ve just been released later when all the other vampire things went crazy, because it had some good takes on the vampire life too.  oooOOOOOooo  Three episodes later we were watching a comedian that was some sort of mix between a mexican and a red neck.  No joke.  And he had some funny stuff I hadn’t heard yet.  Dadda headed to his room for sleep, Rik fell asleep on the couch and Terry was in the living room with us gearing to watch The Adjustment Bureau.

Not a terrible movie.  Pretty cool in theory.  Makes me wonder who the people in hats REALLY are, hahaha and the explanation given by one of the head honchos of the adjustment bureau (Terence Stamp, I recognize him as Zod from Superman with Christopher Reeve and the voice of Zor El in Smallville) as to WHY they exist is also pretty cool to hear.  Makes me kinda go “ouch…but you’re totally right.  Yikes.”  I wouldn’t mind watching it again.  There are some holes that I’d like to be explained, and the ending was a bit on the anti-climactic side–but I’d watch it again (nods).

By the end of the movie we were all tired.  Hugs to Terry and off to drop off the boys at Ma’s house and head up to Los Osos.  When we arrived the room felt like a refrigerator. Tilde win.

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