Welcome to my hometown, Darling: Day two

I heard the coffee dripping away in the coffee maker in the kitchen and didn’t know what time it was.  My brother the Smurf was passed out in the big chair and I was on the recliner couch, and My Darling was laying across the couch.  It was still raining.  My brother Rik was opening the door to head out for school and as he opened the door the cold swept in and made me curl up under the Beatles blanket.  I heard Mom getting ready for work too and she said to go sleep on Riks bed.  I think I got one more hour of sleep in there, but ultimately I was awake.  We made coffee, there is no fun creamer here in the house so I used sugar and 1% milk.  It’s alright.  I’m spoiled because Ro and I always have fun creamer in the house.  I did the dishes and curled up on the couch to watch TV with the Smurf and My Darling trickled out of the bedroom moments later.  Coffee and couch for supernatural.  Then it was How I met Your Mother and then, playing in the rain.

All of a sudden what sounded like a flash flood was hitting the house and windows and driveway.  I looked out in almost horror at the sight.  I was also happy I was not walking around the City in it, heh.  And in the moment I was excited to not have to be outside, the rain lightened just a pinch and Smurf said “wanna go jump in puddles?”  I froze for a moment then said “ok!” I took off my socks and he and I ran out of the front door into the rain in our jammies.  It was a bit colder than I had anticipated.  In that moment I missed the island rain feels of the humidity and summer rains in NY.  But I wouldn’t have changed the weather if I couldn’t have the spontaneity with my brother, that was totally worth it.

After we realized how cold and wet it was we headed towards the door and stood there thinking about towels.  The Darling was video taping us and when he saw us standing by the door he laughed and went to get us towels.  Then it was time for me to take a warm defrosting shower.  I got ready for the day and Darling and I went to get some food in our bellies.

We went to The Girls restaurant and he got pigs in a blanket.  Sausage wrapped in a pancake.  I had a bite, pretty good.  I had a biscuit with gravy and mashed potatoes.  Then we took off to downtown SLOville making a stop by the Shell beach cliffs and the Avila Beach pier.  Its somehow like seeing the coast, my hometown, for the first time when I watch his face and his eyes and he stares out at the water and the cliffs and video tapes it all to remember it later.  We made it to SLOville and stopped for a drink at McCarthy’s to show him what a “real pour” tastes like.  Unless you have the hookups in NY, your drinks are high cost and low dose of the juice, but no matter who you are–McCarthy’s has the best pour for cocktails.  Bartenders are always on their game, they get you your drinks and they’ll leave you be, and get you another drink as soon as you’re out (if you want one, of course).  We had one drink and continued our walk through downtown.  Made a complete loop up Higuera and down Marsh making a fun lengthy stop at Kwirkworld and heading back home to my Maamm’s house.

Ma was home shortly after we arrived and made spaghetti for dinner.  We had some wine and watched some TV and visited a bit, then she went to my sisters house and My Darling and I got ready for karaoke at Mongos.

I did not drink so much that I stumbled about and fell down.  I was able to control the volume of voice when speaking (and singing…) and I didn’t slur.  I didn’t scream and yell craziness.  I didn’t lose my purse or camera.  I sipped my cocktails and didn’t have too many.  Although I did, of course get a lil drunky, I wasn’t hammered.  That’s a win for me.  I DID wear a dress and boots and dance.  I did dance with a chair when Cincinnati sang All That Jazz and I did sit in the front row when Kitten sang, and I stood in the front row when Nahnnah sang.  I sang duets with…everyone I think. heh. I sang songs I hadn’t sung before, and I hugged the people I miss everyday.  I danced with My Darling, Sam.  I love it when his arms are wrapped around me and his clean shaven face is up against my neck or face.  He always smells good  and I feel beautiful and safe with him.

By 130am I was heading to the car with Jack and My Darling and we heading to Denny’s for stuff to eat.  Ginger and her friends came to join and we all laughed and stuffed food in our faces until we almost fell asleep.  Then we headed back to my Maamm’s house, My Darling and I and passed out asleep.

Only six hour of sleep later, for reasons I don’t know–I woke up.

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