Welcome to my hometown, Darling: Day Four

Allbeit cold in the night, curled up next toa guy who’s skin feels like 100 degrees kept me warm enough to not sleep with covers on.  Sheets and two blankets, and all I needed was my head on his chest and my arm around his stomach to sleep.  Slept from Midnight until 9am.

We got up and had quiche and coffee and visited with Miss Liz.  She is such an interesting woman.  Silly and educated with great stories.  The woman is in her 80’s and she doesn’t look it or act it.  Maamm visits with her weekly and if I lived there, I’m sure I would too–different days though. hahahah  Miss Liz has an amazing look on the world, the times, energy and life in general.  I’d like to hear what she has to say on a weekly basis, and I’m jealous Ma gets to visit with her so much.

Then it was a shower and to pick up Smurf to get the best sandos on the central coast: Grand Deli.  Regular size (8 inches), wheat bread, turkey, roast beef, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, purple onions, olives, extra mayo and mustard on both sides of the bread, oil, vinegar, pepper & oregano.  Just writing it out makes my mouth water.  I can’t find a sando like that here.  And subway certainly doesn’t cut it.  I don’t like subway–at all.

After awesome sandos I got dropped off at Rontal Salon for a cut and color my Rik Rontal, the owner (ooooOOOOoo) and he’s my uncle, so I’m totally cool.  After a beer (yah I had one, tasted like beer…) and three margaritas and a nice long chat with my friend Miranda My Darling, Sam, came to pick me up and took me home to a dinner he and maamm teamed up to make.  Shish Kebab!  Man that guy can cook.  Ma was serving wine, and a conversation got to hard to have and I started to cry and had to take a walk around the block.  Upon my return, Sam was in the street waiting for me / looking for me and ran up to hug me, and when I saw my youngest brother Rik, I called to him and ran to him to hug him too.  He was the one I needed to hug because the conversation that upset me was about something that happened when he was younger.  I stood there and buried my tear covered face in his chest.  My youngest brother standing 6’2″ just wrapped his arms around me and told me he was okay and that it would all be okay.  I cried a bit longer there until I felt better.  Then when I told him I was okay, he said okay and said he loved me and would see me tomorrow, he was going out with his friends.  My Darling was right at my side  and walking me in the house and setting me on the couch.  He wiped my tears away and ran his fingers through my hair and after a short while he brought me ice cream.  I ate it, we watched TV and then went back to Los Osos for sleeptime.



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