Welcome to my hometown, Darling: Day Five

I woke up next to My Darling and smooched his handsome face and exclaimed something like “I get to see the baby again today.”  He smiled and put his hands on my face kissed my forehead then nose then mouth and smiled.  We got ready for the day.  I wore a fun “block” dress.  I think that’s what Ro called it.  Black and grey striped, thick stripes at the top, thin stripes from the waist down.  It was cold so I put on black tights and brought my black boots.  Only to later strip off the tights and slap on the zories.  It was so pretty where we went, but first–the babester.

Little Bennett was (still is) so tiny and precious.  The softest skin.  The cutest little hands and feet and nose.  I smooched his little mouth over and over and just…stared at him.  Eventually my Maamm met up with us there and she, Sam and I went to Bridlewood Winery in Santa Ynez.  My Ma is a member there so she was picking up her shipment and we wine tasted I’d say…10-12 wines, then we took a bottle and went to the lake, still on the property pass the horse drawn carriage track and over the bridge by the waterfall, by a big willow tree and chips n salsa, cheese n crackers, they had olives and I didn’t, we drank wine and ate grapes then we headed home.  It was a beautiful day out there.  We drove by Neverland Ranch, although the sign was removed and it was blocked off by large orange cones, we looked over at the gate and had a mini conversation about Michael Jackson then it was quiet in the car.  Sam had fallen asleep, and I nodded off eventually.  Woke up when we got to my sisters house and I stayed to spend time with Sister and Baby Bennett, while Ma and My Darling ran a couple errands.  It was nice to just be there with her, I miss my sister, as I miss all my siblings–often.  I cuddled with the baby more and eventually put him down.  I ate some lasagna and headed up to my Ma’s house.

I curled up on the couch at Ma’s house next to My Darling and watched some TV.  Shortly after my arrival, Ginger (one of my besties in CA!) came over and curled up on the couch with us, and the three of us with my Ma and brother Rik watched “Don’t Tell Her It’s Me” which is now known as “Boyfriend School.”  A cute romantic comedy with Steve Guttenberg, and Shelly Long as brother and sister when mullets were THE thing to have.  hahahaha  Sister and my Ma and I watched it countless times years ago, now we all have it on DVD and once in a while we bust it out.  Tonight was the once in a while moment.  It was also a bit more fun because I was sipping chocolate whipped cream flavored vodka…

End of the movie all went to sleep, or home, or Los Osos.


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