Welcome to my hometown, Darling: Day Six

Sunday was the big day.  We practically had a countdown of My Darling being swarmed by a group of my close friends.

But first, we woke up in Los Osos, and got ready for the day and we headed to Bon Temps in SLOville for the Eggs Sardou.  We looked at the menu but I knew what I was going to get, and I had spoken about it before (several times) and he was looking forward to it as well.  So we both got it, he got hashbrowns and I got grits.  Man, I love grits sometimes.  I can have it with a tinge of salt n pepper with butter, or with some honey depending on my mood.  The first time I had grits I was in Russia, and I didn’t know what I was eating–but it was delicious with the scoop of butter melting on top.  But I digress.

Then it was time to head over to Seanah’s house.  Several people had RSVP’d with yummy dishes they were bringin’ along and I couldn’t wait to stuff my face with food.  We arrived and My Darling was greeted with hand shakes and hugs.  Richie was in charge of the BBQ, he had brought his pit from his house and was set to cook 2 tri tips and four chickens and some garlic bread.  Both My Darling and Ginger said they’d bring Vodka, neither of them did.  heh.  Most of us brought wine.  So that’s what we started with.  There was two kinds of potato salad, a veggie dip. Julia’s famous Guacamole, Mama Vickie’s fried rice, Jen brought a killer pasta salad–that I later ate the remainder of during a drunken snack-time feeling.  I just took that serving spoon and had at it, win–that was a huge hit among the people.  Kitten showed up with her son Peanut, and I remember upon arrival the little Caper (Atreyu) ran around the corner yelling “Autnie Fishy!!!!” and he jumped into my arms.  It was amazing.  Dominatti showed, Brenna and DaveBrewer, The Rosens, Jason Lee brought his amazing stuffed mushrooms and Anna with her Mini Me also attended.  My uncle Rik even stopped by for almost a whole minute with Devon.  (Shakes head).  Bree-Ann even made me my own personal jumbo-sized jell-o shot.  Sue brought a cake that I licked the top of and we moved from Wine to Hard Liquor as the day moved on.  People were singing, since Kevin provided the karaoke,  my brother the Smurf was there and we sang together.  In face, I believe Kevin, Smurf and I did the THE BEST rendition of Bad Romance by Lady Gaga that the world has ever seen. We skyped with Loke and her son KK.   Kevin sang Patience by My Darling’s friend Axl and my Darling slow danced with me.  He wore his white shirt that I love so much with the design on it, he jeans with a similar design and his smile.  I love the way he looks at me.  Atreyu and Nahnnah sang a few times, I actually cried at how adorable it was.  I’m pretty sure most of the women there cried.

It seemed as though the world was in a perfect place, for me and my darling.  I remember thinking that if I lived home we could probably do this every sunday.  Get together, have a cookout, sing some songs, have some drinks and love each others company.  Those thoughts soon turned into sad ones, that I DIDN’T live there, and it wouldn’t happen like that, so I moved on from the thoughts.

I don’t know if I could ever be successful on the Central Coast.  Good at something, sure; but success is different.  Success, to me, is money. And I don’t know if I’d ever have a job/career that I made good money at on the central coast.  So if/when we move back, it’s gonna be to lalaland area, with frequent visits of course.

The evening came and I was hammered, and my Darling had stopped drinking so he could drive and I held a small pow-wow with some people.  Even after knowing some of these people for 10+ years, they can still surprise me with their love and comments and encouragement.  It was nice to be honest, it was terrifying to be vulnerable.  hmmm.

Oddly enough we agreed to go to karaoke at Alex’s in Shell Beach.  Why, you ask–because we’re dumb.  hahahha  We were SOOO tired, but still I wanted to go and sing more; but no drinks…no no no, I was done with those.  heh.  I remember attempting an Adele song and not actually knowing the words or how it went.  And I remember singing Tell Him with Sue, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it was really difficult. hahahha  But it was fun!  She made me a scarf too,  and I wear it often.  Yay.

Sigh,  it was such a long day.  Such a good, family and friend lovin’, happy and singin’, eatin’ n drinkin’ day.  Everyone who met My Darling like him.  They hugged him and kissed his cheeks.

We drove back to Los Osos and fell asleep immediately.


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