Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

If you were paying attention to the year I’ve had you’ll understand why I’m actually writing a letter this year.  Normally, as you know, I don’t ask for anything at Christmas time.  Not like when I was little and Sister and I had our minds or hearts set on something, one thing, that was AMAZING.  But this year is different because I’m at a complete loss and guess I need some kind of miracle.  And also, I have more than one thing to ask for.  Think of it as me just trying to catch up for the past, oh I don’t know, twenty years or so.

In no particular order, for Christmas I would like …no…LOVE

1) Contact lenses.  I’m out. They are 70$ plus tax and shipping per box, and each box offers three months worth of contacts.  They are: Air Optix Night and Day Aqua.  Power: -1.50; BC: 8.6; DIA: 13.8.  And if they ask what I need for the Left eye–don’t freak out.  My eyes are the same.  THAT’s why one box lasts 3 months, because there are a total of 6 lenses in the box. ok? ok.

2) Boots.  Two kinds, woops! OH and new Slippers, the squishy and super comfy kind!  I need something for the rain and snow, my wellies (galoshes or rain boots) lasted last year, but took QUITE the beating and eventually ripped.  I don’t need crazy hiking in the snow boots, but get to work and around town protected form crazy puddles of ice cold water and mud and stuff.  And I found a pair of boots I like at Target.  Providing they are fairly comfy I’d wear them quite often since I only own uncomfortable heels I don’t wear lately because I’m too heavy and don’t have anywhere to wear them TO, I have work shoes, shape-ups (which I’ve torn to shreds by now) and a pair of exercise shoes that actually hurt my feet…  The pair of black boots I have, have a heel and I’m looking for something without one.

3) Gift Card for food.  I’m totally serious.  And unfortunately, as you know, we don’t have a Ralphs, or Vons, or Albertsons around here so just some kind of gift card that’s linked to a Visa/AmEx/MC type thing would be helpful–and I would absolutely buy vegetables not junk food, I promise.

4) A Promotion or Really Great Career move.  I need a real life adult salary that I can actually live on.  Not just survive. LIVE.  Pay all my bills.  Rent, phone, gas, electric, medical bills, prescriptions, train cards every week, FOOD–you know, important stuff. And a trip home to visit.  Those are all valid and good reasons to want a real life adult salary.   I know you have little to nothing to do with this aspect of my life, but I thought I’d just throw it out there.  I have medical bills to pay, and I’ve come to that time in my life where my health is beginning to REALLY matter.  That’s physical, emotional and mental health.

5) New Sheets.  Queen Size, deep fitted sheet and a high thread count because it’s softer and I like to rub my feet on the sheet as I fall asleep curled up with My Darling.  Nothing Pink or childish.

6)Clothes that actually fit.  I know, I know.  Story of my life.  If I ate better and drank more water and worked out, I’d probably maintain a size 14 frame–which I am not currently.  However, even if clothes tend to fit me I never like them.  So maybe I should be more specific and say Clothes that fit AND that I like.  Or a Gift card would probably suffice, as well.

7) A new pair of exercise shoes. The ones I have hurt my feet.  I need something that won’t crush my toes, or make my heels bleed or hurt my instep.  I don’t know much about these kinds of shoes so I can’t give you a picture or tell you exActly what I want–but I AM a size 10 (sometimes a 9 or 11 though….oops.  And do they even MAKE 10 1/2?)

8.)My Macbook needs some updates.  A new Hardrive, Disc drive–that kind of stuff.

9) Vitamins! Ugh.  I’m out of my Life Force completely.  I need C. I need D3 (5,000 IU’s)  And I think I should get an allergy test thing done, and an actual physical to see how I am overall.  Just throwin’ it in there.

10) Harsher punishments for parole violation, and World Peace.

11) I also found gaucho pants online at Target that I’d like.  Even though it’s the Junior Section–they sell a XXL which would fit me!  Plus size clothes are ugly…

Love,  Aiyani

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  1. Where would mail some of these items?

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