bla bla bla sit boom bah

My sleeping pattern is getting worse.  I’m not tired until 2 or 3 in the morning, so I sleep until 11am ish.  Go to work, or not (depending on the ever fluctuating schedule they post), come home by 9 or 10pm ish, and then I have to come down from my day.  You know?  I mean, those 8-5pmers don’t go to bed at 5:30.  They have dinner, they do laundry, dishes, feed their kids, work on stuff, play on fb (you know I’m right) etc.  So, I do the same thing it’s just no until 10 or 11 o’clock at night.

And if I want to get promoted I have to be available for mornings.  I refuse to open a store though–seriously.  I got up and opened stores 3-5 times a week for 4 years, I’ve paid my dues.

I need to make a career move.  I need to eat better and start exercising again.  I love the gym when I’m there and feel great after I leave…I just…don’t..go.  I don’t know why.  I need to drink water. I used to drink about 100oz a day, now I think I drink twelve.

There are Christmas decorations up in the Living room and hallway.  Haven’t got the tree yet, but we’re supposed to get it soon.

My Darling is asleep next to me, I love him.  I love that he lives with me, that I get to snuggle up next to him every night and kiss n hug him every morning.  I love sitting and chatting with him and joking with him.  I love watching movies and TV shows with him.  I love eating when he cooks. hahah  I have no idea what to get him for Christmas, and further more don’t think I’ll have money to get anyone anything for Christmas.  Including the project I have set aside for three years now for my family.  It’s not that I procrastinate, it’s that I don’t have the funds to complete the project.

I get to video chat with Sister and the Babester tomorrow, that will be good.

I get to do laundry–that will be boring, and I hate hauling the laundry up and down those five flights of stairs.

aaaand I’m tired.  Goodnight Neverland.

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