Florida Vacay, Day 2: 5 Year olds have endless energy

Sammybear was tapping me gently on the arm saying “Auntie Yani?…Auntie Yani?” and I was a bit disoriented.  Then was asleep again.  Then I heard “Yani?…we’re leaving in about a half hour, okay?”  I mumbled and slowly opened my eyes and realized I was on the couch in the livingroom with my sleep mask on.  I slowly sat up, it was my turn in the shower and it felt just marvelous.  Bit of a massaging shower head and the water beat on the back of my neck.

Jenn had her Women’s group and I would be attending.  The boys were dropped off in daycare and we went into a room with chairs and tables scooted together.  We got there in time for muffins, and melons (easy guys, this is a spiritual atmosphere) and I filled my coffee cup.  They were reading and discussing a book called The Story.  Which apparently is the bible, in story form.

There is something uncomfortable to me about being in a room outnumbered by people who not only believe firmly in god and the whole jesus died for your sins thing, but they they have all these books and stories to back up their beliefs.  I did not, and I do not judge them, but the god-thing hasn’t really worked out for me very well.  There is this thing that goes hand in hand with beliefs like this.  It’s called Faith.  And I lost mine, a long time ago.  Faith in god, in people, in myself.  And that’s not a poor pitiful me thing, it’s just “a” thing.  I overanalyze everything now, which sometimes is excellent and logical and helpful, and other times detrimental to my mental and emotional health.  Alas, I can only take one day at a time, and to bring it back around, on this particular day, these women were going around the table discussing prayer requests and feelings on the book.  I did ask a question or two, I didn’t feel too uncomfortable or embarrassed to do so, but when you have to know when you’re with god-fearin’ women, they take no question lightly.  Answers were full of experiences, sometimes tears, and scripture passages.  I nodded.

Once home it was lunch time and Jenn made a great salad with lettuce, spinach, carrots, radishes, red onions, avocado, and some chicken and blue cheese.  We used bleu cheese dressing with a balsamic vinegaret and it was ridiculously yummy.  After my salad, Sammybear asked me to play in the yard with him.  This took energy I for sure did not have.  And it took energy for a length of time I was unaware of . heh.  We played baseball.  I was the pitcher, and every time he hit the ball (which was pretty often) I had to run and get it and try to tag him out.  That kid is fast.  I thought we were done after that.  Nope.  Time to play catch with two different footballs.  Then keep-away and Jenn joined in and we played and ran and played.  Finally he was a little tired and sitting on the grass.  I sat next to him and started pulling blades of grass out of the ground and putting it between my thumbs and blowing on it until it squeaked.  My mother taught me how, and he sat with me and I tried to teach him how.  He got frustrated, but eventually he could blow into my hands and make the sound, and then he could do it on his own.  He was amazed.  I was exhausted.  heh.  Then it was time for his actual T-Ball practice.  Here, I thought I’d have the moment to sit and watch.  Nope, wrong again.  We got there and he wanted me to be his warm up partner.  So I pitched to him more, he hit more, I ran after the ball…more, I threw him ground balls for him to catch, he threw the ball to me, sometimes way far away to my left or right, sometimes over my head.  And during those times I just looked at him before running after the ball and said “hey…what was that? I’m over here!” Then it was just him and his teammates, and I stood by with Jenn and Jameybear.

I was definitely tired by now.  Jenn has a busy life and a day in her life is crazy–and it wasn’t over yet. hahahah

We went back to the school she teaches at because the Senior Boys had their annual “Sir Warrior” program.  Like a pageant.  They had introductions, casual wear, talent, formal wear and the Q&A portion.  We got dinner there as well, it was included, we had baked ziti, salad with italian dressing, and bread with butter.  During the judges final decision makings, we had cupcakes.  We were home by 9p and the boys were just as tired as we were, if not more so.  hahaha

Jenn and I settled in on the couch to relax and watched a couple episodes of Once Upon a Time to get caught up and prepare for this sunday.  When I looked at her at random and said “Happy Pi Day” she stood up to go and buy pie.  Unfortunately the store closed, but fortune would have it so we still had leftover pizza and we ate a slice of our pizza pie! By Midnight we were ready for nodtown.

I dreamt of two shorter-than-me-men fighting over me to date them, running from both of them in a mall, then ending up in a Crunch gym that had a dentist and hair salon in it.  Some random armenian guy tried to stick his tongue in my mouth, then the J-Man came to my rescue.

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