Florida Vacay, Day 1: Travel Space, and Surprising Sammybear

Tuesday March 12th I got up around 9am and went to work.  I stayed until about 6pm, then made it home to have dinner with my boyfriend.  Then he got called into work, and I didn’t see him.  I took this time to pack and relax and clean up my room a bit.  After I ate some macaroni and cheese concoction that my brother made, I also ate a sando, then packed my suitcase, showered and continued watching “Prison Break” on Netflix.  By 11pm, I still wasn’t tired, so I settled in to just watch TV and maybe fall asleep, and set my alarm for 3:15pm.  By 2:30am I knew sleep wasn’t going to happen.  By 3am I was finally tired and got up to get ready to go to the train.  By 3:45am I was on the A train, running local stops.  It ran the length of Manhattan, through Brooklyn, then out to JFK airport, in Queens.  I was off the train by 5am, checked in by 5:30a, through security by 6:15a, and boarding by 6:45am.  A woman held up the line on the plane while looking for her magazine in her bag.  She looked long enough for it to become awkward that no one was moving anymore and leaning to the side to see what the problem was.  I said “Really? Did you find it yet?” and she looked at me and snapped “excuse me, I’m looking for my magazine” and I immediately snapped back “excuse ME, this is not your private jet, and you’re holding up the line”  She hurried and got her magazine and sat down.  I popped half a dramamine, since the flight was only to be about three hours in length and I settled in with “New Moon (The Meadow” for my sleepy soundtrack and attempted to dose off.  In my strong attempt to sleep–the extremely loud snoring from the very old man, accompanied with the two young girl siblings under the age of 7 arguing about I don’t know what, and the two toddlers within one foot of each other screaming and crying their eyes out–kept me from doing so.  Plane landed a little after ten, and as usual everyone rushed to release their seatbelts and grab their carry-ons from the overhead compartments, just to stand still in the aisle while the 80 people in front of them filed out slowly.  This didn’t bother me until a woman just missed my face with her bag and her ass landed just inches from my face.  “Hi, Can your ass NOT occupy the space my face has paid for, thanks” I’m sure that was rude–I’m even more sure that I didn’t and still don’t care.  That she was careless and it was unnecessary for her and everyone else to crowd the walkway.  At any rate i was collected by Boyfriend Jenn with little Jameybear by 10:45ish and we headed to the condo.

The afternoon we headed over to where Jenn teaches, and Sammy attends pre-school.  Let her teach, and watched the students wonder who the hell I was.  Sammy bear was brought in afterschool and didn’t notice me right away, and it was super adorable when he finally saw me and questioned his eyes by checking with his mom then looking at me, then back and forth again, then he ran and jumped on me to hug me.  ADORABLE. He’s so big, and talking SO well.  I died a little bit more when he hugged me with all his might and said “Auntie Yani! I missed you very, very, very, VERY MUCH!”

Then we headed home for a little rest, and dinner was at Angelo’s Ristorante, where we had delicious garlic knots, a glass of pinot noir, and boyfriendjenn and I shared a ginormous “single serving” calzone stuffed with sausage, mushrooms, spinach and cheese, that we dipped in red sauce.  So.  freaking.  Yummy.  Although our waitress thought we were on a mommy-date with our children, I didn’t pass for the role of smart-parent when I handed Jamey the blue marker to color with…His hands and mouth and face were covered in less than one minute and Jenn quickly replaced it with the yellow marker.  Heh.  Sammybear scored a slice of apple pie for free, and Jenn brought home a piece of Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake for us for dessert later after we’d digested dinner.

The boys were bathed and we all gathered in their room for story time, where Sammybear helped read the book.  Not just say the story from memory, he was …reading it.  He’s so smart and he’s only 5!! Then they went to sleep, and Jenn and I had dessert and watched TV.  That’s a lie–we totally watched a “highlights” video from when her students did Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Bedtime finally came and I was asleep by 11:30p.  Jamey came out of the boys room around 3am and was talking to himself on the small couch, until he passed out on the couch.  He woke up again around 6:30 and his mom took him back to his room and I slept again until 8:30a.

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