Enter Life

Kropps and Bobbers moved locations and no longer have a treatment room so I was out of a job for a bit.  The few and far between clients  I had there in June and July made me really tight on finances and asking for help is never fun.  But I didn’t just sit there whining and feeling sorry for myself.  As soon as I found out they would be switching locations I started putting feelers out for a new position somewhere, still as an esthetician.  I went to school for this.  I took a CA state written and practical exam, and a NY state written and practical exam and I was NOT going to return to a means-to-an-end job.  I submitted and interviewed, and submitted and interviewed and submitted and interviewed.  And then, finally, landed a position with a wonderful boutique spa Midtown East (42nd & Madison).  It’s PERFECT for me.  If I was asked to write down everything I wanted in a place I was working, it would be this place.  And I’m happy for it.

i’m still in Massage Therapy Education.  Finals are this week for this trimester, then I get a few weeks off and it’s back to it.

I go to Jersey to visit The Gutterson’s as often as i can

I’m still running, and training for those races.  One of which is the end of this month.  I’m still not excited, I’m still scared I’ll throw up–but I can now run the 5k at a jog without stopping to walk.  Some would say “look how far you’ve come” I say “Why am I running??? No one is chasing me with an axe!”  But one of my best friends wants me to do this with her, and I don’t like letting my friends down.

Mr. Snow is out of my life now.  That was a wonky last few weeks.  I started hitting that moment where I was just annoyed with every little thing, and I felt smothered, and I felt like I was a teacher.  Which isn’t conducive of a working relationship, regardless if there are titles involved.  It was a different experience for me.  I definitely asserted myself more, stood up for myself, said what I actually felt and thought.  And it was  a good feeling for me to do that.  Too many times I say what either I would like to hear, or what I think they want to hear.  And that’s not a healthy way to live emotionally or mentally.  I started to only see the things that annoyed me, hear the things that annoyed me and I was unable to be bothered anymore.  There is a place where you can make others aware of what’s going on, but you can’t hold them accountable unless you’re their parent or mentor–and I was neither and heading down that path, which I REALLY did not want.  Being clear is very important.  And that’s with yourself and towards others.  [Deep inhale, slow exhale. smile.  It’s over and done with].

So here I am.  Content.  Nah, HAPPY.  I love my spa.  It’s the first time since I got licensed that I feel I’m in “Career-mode” versus having just a “job.”  I enjoy going to school.  I have a great table at home I can practice on people with.   A Planet Fitness just opened up one block away so when I have the funds I will sign up and be able to just walk there and do my thing and walk back.  I’ve been cooking.  I sold some stuff I don’t need or want anymore.  I’m at peace.  And this is extremely good.

Next thing is buying a ticket to fly home to CA in September for a wedding and my nephew’s birthday, Little B will be TWO!!!!.

sigh.  Good.


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