Evening out

A solid “A” in Anatomy & Physiology.  ME.  I attribute this to a professor who understand how to teach different ways, review in a helpful manner and test the way she teaches.  However I got a C+ in Myology.  I attribute this to a professor who is wonky in teaching (maybe she’s new to it), is unable to explain things differently, and doesn’t test the way she teaches.  For one quiz she reviewed briefly and threw in something like “oh I forgot to tell you you’ll need to know which spinal nerves articulate certain muscles.” Then she gave us the quiz–having never taught us the information, nor gave us time to learn it on our own.  She said that, then handed us the quiz.  Bogus.  Indeed.  She tested us on things she may have said once.  She urged us to learn origin and insertions for muscles, but wouldn’t question us on it on our quizzes.  Overall–I’m not happy with that experience.  Had I had a different professor I’m sure I would’ve gotten an A because I studied, I just didn’t study stuff she didn’t teach us… Same teacher for my technique class.  Which I’m apparently very good at–except on her tests.  Same issues.  Ultimately, those two courses brought my GPA down and it will affect my eligibility for scholarships and grants.  I’m hoping this coming trimester I have teachers who can teach, answer my questions, and answer their own questions without a flash card in front of them.

My housemate and I picked out a color to paint the bathroom yesterday.  Straw Hat.  yay.

I’m eager to paint the front room, the bathroom and the hallway.  The hallway is so dark with espresso brown and dark avocado.  At some point in the next few weeks I’ll throw some primer up there, we’ll pick out more colors, and change it up a bit.  With work four days a week, and school 1 1/2 days a week (all day wednesday,  and monday evenings for four hours), projects will come along slowly–but they WILL happen.  I’m determined to freshen up the look in here, best way and fastest way to get a new result like that is a fresh coat of paint.  So…yay!  Soon..yay

That Color Run 5K is this coming saturday.  I’m not a runner, or a racer, so I won’t be bothered with what time I make, but hopefully when I finish I won’t puke.  Some people think a 5k (3 ish miles) is super easy–they are runners, or people who have been exercising steadily for some time.  *I* had to work up to this.  What seems to help me is a little cup of apple juice about 15 minutes before I begin.  And good remixes.  heh.  Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons are my favorite right now.  Boom.

Alright.  Time for some coffee, some radio, and painting the trim in the hallway.  Life is good right now, things seem to be evening out.  In the next few months I’ll even have a little play money and be able to go see a show, or buy some new clothes.  I’m so glad things are working out.

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