End of year residue

The first few days of a new year always have a vacation residue feeling to them.  Especially when there are Winter Storms that close highways and subways, causing people to call places to cancel appointments they had, resulting in a couple extra days off of work.  It’s nice-ish.  I get to lay on my extremely comfy bed and watch shows on Netflix.  I currently do not have homework and don’t have to study for anything so the Doing Nothing, is really quite awesome right now.  I mean, I start term up again Monday (couple days) and will have six classes this time around.  Neurology, Kinesiology, Sports Massage, Medical Massage I, Swedish technique lab, and Tai Chi.  I’m kind of excited about Tai Chi.  The breathing will help with massage itself, it will help me clear my head and stay connected to my body.  I’m also going to start going to the gym again.  A Planet Fitness opened a few months ago just down the hill, and it’s 24 hours during the week.  So I can go to work and come home and go, or go before classes on mondays and wednesdays.  It will be nice to have a place I can go and have active me-time.  And I’m glad I won’t have to carry around a duffle bag.  That’s one of the things that suck in NY.  Rule number 2: You have to carry that.

Tomorrow I finish the back bedroom.  The new housemate chose her paint color and earlier in the week I spackled, primer’d, and painted the walls.  Did the baseboards and window trims and I just need to do the closet.  Then that’s done.  Then the last room in the apartment to redo is the living room.  Then…a celebration, I suppose.  I don’t know what, perhaps a new signature cocktail?  Something to add to the Auntie Nani cocktail book (all two of the recipes in existance…)?

In simple news: My housemate, Sloan, made a yummy pasta dinner tonight with a creamy cheesy sauce he made with heavy cream (wow), peas, and italian sausage.  It was quite delicious and filling.

Now to continue Grey’s Anatomy.  I’m in the middle of season 9.  I’ve come a long way with this show.  Took me until Summer of 2013 to watch it.  Then on to Orange is the New Black.  Then I’ll start attacking all those things I want to work towards this year.  But for now…I’m still in the 2013 residue feeling, and I’m okay with doing nothing but watching TV and sipping on my OJ.

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