Sunday 1/5/20fourteen

I woke up a little later than anticipated today.  11:30a.  But, I love sleep and don’t feel bad or guilty at all.  haha.  I woke up, had some water, had some coffee and finished painting the back bedroom.  The closet, to be more specific. So now it’s all pretty.  Scraped up little droplets of paint from the floor and mopped one more time to prepare for the new housemates arrival.  Yay.

Then I ate some left over pasta from last night.  YUM.

Then I sat in the living room in the quiet and finished reading Shadow of Night by Deb Harkness.  Which is part 2 in the trilogy.  I read part one (A Discovery of Witches) earlier in the year, and am awaiting part three which I think is called The Book of Life…Not sure though. Excited!  I put Allegiant on Miss Zeighth, as in Shanna’s Eighth kindle. hehe.  I start it tomorrow. Yay.

And tonight I went to see FROZEN with Sloan.  Oh Disney, way to go! (I mean that!) Messages about those that have cold in their heart can only be cured by an act of true love.  And my favorite was that it didn’t have to be about a prince coming to the rescue, in face (spoiler alert) the prince was the bad guy this time!! True Love this time is reflected in the heart of a sibling.  I can relate to that.  And I loved it, very, very much.  Songs were fun, Olaf the snowman was fun.  It was just an all around good ol’ Disney movie.  The kind we grew up with.  the kind we end up missing as an adult but go back to watch over and over and make our kids and nephews and nieces watch to make sure they, too, get all the messages we saw.

Back to school tomorrow.  Third trimester.

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