The Guitar Player

Remember my brief story (in the year review blog) about The Guitar Player that followed me (randomly) on Twitter, then I asked him if I followed him back would I get a prize?!!? And he said I had to listen to the music first, see if I liked it, then Like him and his band Face The King and then sure he’d send me a prize.  REMEMBER THAT??!!


He emailed me 1/3/15 that he shipped off my package and I got it yesterday!!

I freaked out, I should have video taped my reaction.  Joy and surprise 100+% A picture signed by all band members, a CD signed by all band members and a hand written note from The Guitar Player.  Freaked. Out.  Some may say I’m easily amused, and it’s kind of true.  But why not experience happiness at all levels, you know? When I told him I liked his music, and followed him back on twitter, I told him what prize I wanted.  A pen for my pen collection, from his home town, and a hand written letter.  He totally upped the ante =) I got a picture signed by all band members, a CD signed by all band members and a hand written note from The Guitar Player himself. oooOOOOooOOOOoo

So much fun.  THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN.

unnamed unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4The pen he sent me? Just a random one, hhahaha.  I wasn’t specific enough to say “Souvenir Pen.”  But the Pen collection builds and it has a special story and place, nonetheless.

Can’t wait to see them play in concert when they tour back into NYC.  I’m going to attack him and I told him I would hug him until he couldn’t breathe…then, you know,  I would let him breathe again.

Just normal hugs.  =) And possibly a grand prize of a backstage pass.  JUST SAYIN’.  muaaahahahaha ok, fine. We’ll see.


They have a Kickstarter right now for a few more weeks.

They are available on iTunes, my favorite right now is The Stage.  I listened to The Burning and The Falling Down on repeat, along with Parachutes, and Due North makes me feel like I’m in a music video when I listen with earbuds while walking around getting places in the city.

You can see them on YouTube

Enjoy.  I have, and will continue to do so.

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