Covered in Rain

The Subject title is a song written by my (future)husband. John Mayer. You can download it I’m sure and it’s on the “Any Given Thursday” CD (The one taped in Birgmingham. It is how I feel, follow me:

John: “And these days with the world getting colder, she spends more time sleeping over – then I planned. Tonight we’re gonna order in, drinkin’ wine and watchin’ CNN, it’s dark I know but then again. It’s the brightest thing I got – when I’m covered in rain.

It’s about what else life is dishing you, and though you may not plan for stuff – it’s not all that bad. Like – things could be worse so let it just be comfortable for a bit. But, right now – it’s the “dark” part I’m feeling. Like….Kaza and I would always say “why why why the wind and the rain.” and it’s just like when something goes wrong – EVERYTHING seems to go wrong. And THAT’s exactly how I’m feeling. Though I’m not going to go into my drama and problems (I don’t really talk about them), just know I have them and they’re getting worse. As in, I’m Covered in Rain.

John: “From fireworks to fireplaces. Somewhere stowed in far away places and now, now we’re people watching all the people, people watchin’ us right back. Standing by the missin’ signs at the CVS by the checkout line, she puts her crying hands in mine – cause she’s the brightest thing I got. When I’m covered in rain. ”

This is like…….all these problems all around us and everyone around you has their problems and moments but just, you know – hold on to what you have or need for the moment to get thru it and things may clear.

John: “And come december Lydia left. She mentioned somethin’ ’bout it being for the best. And I can’t say I disagree and it’s killing me. Now I’m standing facing west, chasing my fingers like a silhouette, I haven’t gotten used to it yet – but it’s brightest thing I got when I’m covered in rain.

Though things may have been good for a while, things change and it may be for the best. Your experiences may leave you dry or in tears, but it is those experiences that make you who you are. I hate how I feel – no – hate is very strong. I REALLY don’t like how I feel right now. Problems are not good except to learn from, and I’m trying – I honestly am. I’m trying to grow and become more responsible at 24 1/2 than I was at 23 1/2.

“This will all make perfect sense someday” – another song by John

Soon I’ll be placing my thoughts on each song on it’s own entry. won’t that be a kick?

I suppose that’s all for now, catch you Kats later

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  1. With every passing year.
    With every passing year honey, it gets harder! Because you don’t just have this year’s drama, you have last year’s, and the one before that, and the one before that! If you don’t talk about your problems, or write about them, or sing about them, whether it’s your words or not, then life is unbearable. That’s why the universe created friends…and family. That’s what we are all here for…I’m here for you, if you wanna spill, if you wanna come outta the rain..I’ll always be here, with an umbrella…and some hot cocoa! I love you little Princess!

  2. I’m sorry you’re surrounded
    But I’m sure you’ll deal and grow. It’s how princesses get to be Empresses.
    I just wanted to say I like the way you wrote about it.

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