I just don’t feel like I have a lot to say

Rolling in last night from work seemed odd by 5:50, since I normally arrive by 5:30. And I didn’t really remember the drive home, I guess I was on auto pilot or something. I guess listening to the radio, or John, or just singing to myself was subconciously entertaining enough to drown out the 5 o’clock ride and staring off at thousands of breaklights can be a bit hypnotizing after a while. A bottle of white wine assisted with my weeks issues shortly after my arrival though. (wink)

Friday actually began with me being about an hour late to work. Not a big deal, and if it was I can just leave if they don’t like it. I had stayed at Plantboy’s house thursday night. I went over and we talked about this and that and cried a little then alot. Same old stuff can just be more over whelming some days than others. Him sometimes being part of the problem I DID bring to his attention but he was very understanding and communicative about everything. So I DID appreciate that as well. And he cuddled up next to me and played with my hair until I cried myself to sleep. I got up at 8am instead of 7am Friday, hence the 1 hour behind schedule bit. Sometimes you just need to be babied you know? And I know ALL my friends had they lived closer would allow me to cry until I fell asleep in their arms – but we all know that regardless of my sometimes issues with Plantboy he can be very caring and a good friend. Thus doing his part by letting me vent and allowing me to get it all out with words and tears. So, thank you Plantboy for that.

Not that I don’t love talking to Seanah, and Mahroomah and all you kats on the phone – i DO, and I NEED to keep in contact with you guys too – so don’t think for a moment that I don’t appreciate you too. Thank you to everyone who is trying to lift my spirits and brighten my day with whatever they can since distance lies between most of us.

Monday I’m going to go by the restaurants by my hotel and pick up applications to do SOMETHING else by night. Hostess, serve, bartend – whatever. I NEED to get going on money before I end up in JAIL or without indoor plumbing or something horrible. See the problem is….when I get paid it’s not enough to take me out of the negative zone at my bank so I just cash it, and send out money orders for my bills…but this leaves my bank account at a disturbing -$820…….how can this happen???? Overdraft my friends. Plus everytime something tries to go thru and my bank says no they still charge me $21…. And it is supposed to be helpful for those “between” paycheck moments, but …..low and behold I’m like some sort of irresponsible young adult; which I only became after moving out here. wah wah wah.

I shall be in town over the weekend of February 13 – 15. Most of you will call this Valentine’s weekend, Me? It’s my sisters half birthday on the 14th and I’ll be seeing Daaaaaana in the Vagina Monologues at Cuesta and maybe Hamlet at PCPA. But you will also find me at the ever popular and missed second home called “Sunset Dunes” on saturday.

So to briefly also update you on our new Director of Sales at LAXHD…..Think short, red hair, blue eyes, irish – accent included……bossy, thinks she’s funny and speaks to me in a condescending fashion. Leans over WAY to close into my space to see what I’m “working” on – and no I haven’t been caught doing other fun things…yet. But you know whatever. I told H.R. I about her tone with me and her looks and told the GM too. He said to cut her a little slack because she learning alot of new things for our property…….um….yah……….no – no deals. I told him I will NOT continue to work here if she keeps her attitude with me up. She’s had it since the first time I met her. I’m pretty sure it’s because she knows it’s just a job to me. That I don’t want a career in hotels, that I’m not looking to advance to a Sales Manager or Director of Sales or Director of Operations or GM. I’m looking for a paycheck to pay my bills and I will leave for an audition because it was part of the deal when I got there. And that deal will NOT break because SHE wants it to. She can get a new assistant before I give in to her ways!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus EL was gone this whole last week at a training seminar for new Sales Software we’ll be using so I was listening to DOS all by myself. Hi, she likes Twin though (Twin = Tina). Whatever whatever whatever.

My nails are doing rather well and I haven’t bit them for a while. I normally don’t but sometimes I just chew them all off in some sort of freak nervous moment while on the phone or watching a movie or something. I need to paint my toes though. They’ve been periwinkle for at least 2 weeks – different color is in order.

I ran out of dryer sheets and quarters and I’m almost out of toilet paper…..so I need to take care of that SOON! hahahahah

Seanah’s just IM’d me, she’s feeling homesick. I don’t want you to cry Nahnnah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it must be hard though. I’m sorry I don’t have any comforting words to use. I do miss you too though. And I promise I will visit you and kaza as soon as I can. And have some pizza for me!

I cancelled my membership at Miami Fitness, they DO have a check for $42 for over charging me and overdraft fees whatever – but I cancelled there. Why did it take 6 weeks for them to do anything!!!????? I’d like to join the 24 Hour Fitness in Glendale like 4 miles from here and they have a pretty cool special right now….so if I come up with $250 I’ll sign up! hahahaha Then it’s only $30 monthly after that. Until then my sister said I could take and use/borrow her workout videos and I’ve been doing my Pilates at home. It’s a very good thing to do after work when I need to just breath and be calm.

Roger Rabbit’s is on his way down here to play a bit this weekend. We’re gonna meet up with my friend JeanEne Grrr at a place called Versailles in Encino for dinner at like 8:15ish, so that will be fun.

The Goals for this year are:
* Get out of financial hole
* Lose the weight I want to (and since it’s only January I still have 11 months to do it)
* Keep trying it out here and auditioning, afterall I said I’d give myself 3 years
* I’d like to record my songs. I know what I want the cover to look like, and I know what I’m going to call it- but none of you get to know until later. hahahaah
* Get out to New York and visit Kaza and Nahnnah (maybe feel it out a bit, since the LA LA land adventure is 1/3 over…..wink wink)
* Find the me that was positive and optomistic (Jax, member you said you’d help install that software into my brain the next time I was in town =D )

“That’s all I’ve got to tell you, that’s all I’ve got to say”
—Name that movie

ps. Today, I’m 24 and 3/4 and the only celebrity that I’ve heard of that has the same birthday as me (as in…April 17) is Daffy Duck – thanks.

pps. John Tix for Feb 21st at Universal Amphitheatre Fan tix were sold out in 17 minutes, and were sold out in an hour after going to the public. No I don’t have any. No Star hasn’t said “Aiyani Mersai you’re the Star VIP you have 30 minutes to call us back to claim your tickets to see John Mayer…..bla bla bla” I see some on ebay, we’ll see if God does me any favors as the days get closer….I’ll keep you posted – I know you ALL REALLY CARE ABOUT THIS PART THE MOST!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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  1. Be Mine Valentine
    Does this mean I get you for my valentine?!?!? Yay!!! Overall its a holiday I really dislike, last year was only the 2nd good Vday I’ve ever had. Hmmm…. and last year was spent with you. I see a trend here, and I like it!
    Keep me updated on travel plans and all the yummy food we are going to eat!
    I’m thinking that next month I won’t work at the hotel anymore, so, a few weekend trips to LALA and SF just may happen! We’ll yahoo about all that soon, I hope!
    GoodLuck with the job hunt, you deserve better then what you’ve got, but you know that! I promise we won’t “do” hotels forever!
    What workout tape are you using? I’m getting one this week too. Its cheaper then the gym. Although I just found a gym buddy, so we’ll see how that goes. You keep encouraging me and I’ll do the same for you and we will be our target body type by summer!!

  2. Never…
    I will never be my target body type at this rate…with the fried chicken and the pizza and the junk food…ugh.
    BUT!!! I do walk alot and I will have my Tae bo in a week or so, and I don’t know. Who knows…
    I want you to go see John, I think it would be a WONDERFUL happiness booster. And I’m not mad about Plant Boy.
    I’m talking to you right now…RR and his stalking talk can stop now. I’m not calling him or awhile..hahaha

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