I could really use some Candy

The End of the weekend:

After leaving the movie theatre I turned my phone back on and had a text message from Mahroomah. She said she missed painting nails together. She must have just knows tonight I was doing them – we’re weird like that. So I ate a sandwich I made at home and put on Mission Impossible 2 and did my nails. Now I needed something just as background noise to fill the silence while I typed this thing. And I don’t know about you, but I know SHE will know what movie I chose by the title of this entry. So kaza – I’m thinking of you RIGHT NOW. Which of course comes as no surprise to anyone else but it’s nice to see it in writing once in a while.

My feet are freezing by the way – and I should turn on the heater or put some socks on but if you retain the story while you read it; you’ll remember……I just painted my toenails.

I was slightly worried this weekend when I didnt’ see Plantboy online at all – only because he lives there, then I remembered he was visiting a friend in Phoenix or something and kinda smiled that he had told me at all. That’s the girlie part of me….yes such a side exists. Thanks.

I hope to get more sleep tonight, I tossed and turned last night and got pretty much 1 1/2 hours of sleep total. And that was at about 10am today til 11:30am. So I’m also typing deliriously.

The Middle of the weekend:

Roger Rabbit arrived Saturday night 7:45ish and we went out to dinner with my friend JeanEne Grrr!!!! at a place called Versailles – Cuban food. Not bad, rather good actually. I can see a revisit in my future, shortly after my bank allows me to do so. We got back here by 11…11:30ish and watch Chicago. Roger Rabbit hadn’t seen it before….yah…..I don’t know what that’s about, or how I let that one slip by but I guess it’s ok now that he has been exposed to the beauty of it all. We went to sleep afterwards and I was either too hot or too cold or I hated my blankets or my pillows or whatever but either way, he said he slept fine. lol. He tried to help me go to sleep but nothing worked. I think it has something to do with not ever sharing my bed. I sleep on the whole Queen Size of it, and FOR ONCE ..no – I’m not saying I’m fat (I’m trying to cut back) I just tend to sleep at an angle. Then I thought to myself I’m fine at Plantboy’s house but….. that’s not my bed…. and sometimes there’s this necessity of “Hey cuddle up next to me until I fall asleep!!” and I’m sure he rolls over and goes to sleep once I have. I guess it’s a comfort zone or something. I don’t know, maybe I was just worried if I did fall asleep I’d accidentally kick or smack poor Roger Rabbit. Whatever.

We woke up at 11ish and I had a cup of coffee with Husband and then Roger Rabbit and I went to see the last Lord of the Rings. I made sure I went to the bathroom like 3 times before we went in, and I STILL had to go in the middle. Oh well, what are ya gonna do? But it was amazing as I had imagined it would be and my review is as follows

~~The final part to the Trilogy of Lord of the Rings does not by any means fall short of expectation or imagination. Coming from a person that never read the books I’m pleased to have had given my attention for so long. I lost myself in the story and was COMPLETELY captivated by the battles and wars and number of armies. Not to mention the size of the said armies. (I guess trying to fathom so many ugly guys in one place seemed far fetched but low and behold, there they were) And the idea of battles with no guns was oddly refreshing, I continued to wonder what they could think of next to use to attack and what the “good guys” would do to fight back since the ratio of good to bad seemed like 1:100 Though the screen slightly missed Orlando Bloom I was more drawn to Frodo and Sam this time. I had no idea what to expect and I assure you the edge of my seat remained warm. I do hope the proper awards are sent to those in the film and those who made the film happen. It is truly a feast for the eyes and I did find closure in the (several) ending(s). ~~

The Beginning of the weekend:

After gettin’ tossed Friday night with Husband and eating $25 worth or Carlos Junior I woke up at 8am on the dot on saturday. Then went to sleep and awoke again at 9am, and then again at 10am when I decided to go ahead and wake up. I played on the interent for a bit, made some coffee and hung out with husband. Took husband to the gym and came home and checked the mail. My sister had sent me a Dido’s new CD and a WAY COOL CARD that had the Wonder Twins on it………we totally played them when we were little. I chatted a bit with Roger Rabbit via the internet. It was 3pmish when he said his mom was gonna take him to his friends house and he would be approximately 25 miles from me. So we decided he’d come over and we’d go out to dinner with my friend JeanEne. Cuban Food…Versailles (having a little deja vu?)

And now:

The dished need to be done, but they won’t be done by me. I don’t feel like it. I’d like a flavored beverage, but we don’t have any so I’m drinkng water – oh joy. The DOS will be gone still until I think friday, so it should be an okay week.

I’m going to try harder. I’m going to try to do something everyday that makes me feel better about me and where I am and who I am, and where I’m going. I know I’ve been terribly negative and bringing you all down, and I’m sorry for that. I have placed my “goals” on my corkboard in my room and another one on my bathroom mirror so I will see them everyday and remind myself that if this is bottom, there’s no where else to go, but up. I did my Pilates 3 times since thursday it’s very calming and relaxing and I feel good after.

I put my “be” necklace on that Kaza and I have twinners of. I haven’t warn it in a VERY long time and saw it on my dresser. I don’t remember ever putting it there – I always keep my necklaces and earrings and what not in certain jewelry boxes. But it was sitting right there and I just thought of Kaza and all of our thousands of conversations about appreciating what we have and taking things for what they are….and sometimes remembering to just….be….don’t be sad or cranky or think to much about what’s supposed to happen next.


Oddly enough, I’ve been humming a song I wrote her all weekend, and it says “just be” like 8 times. It’s a sign!!!!!

Good night Neverland, especially those with Tink butt a flash away

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  1. is that like PALM beach?
    thank u, nails. that’s why they call me spooky.
    thank u, “be”.
    thank u for thinking of me and us and drawing on times past to help encourage you/us to push on in a POSITIVE, HEALTHY way. sometimes i need to practice what i preach. so thank you for being the mirror that reflects me. (although you’re so much more than that).
    last night was one of MY meltdowns on the phone with my mommy so now after reading your entry ~ it’s time for me to put my “be” back on, too.
    and yes,it IS nice to see it in writing. especially when you REALLY need it.
    i love mahroommah.

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