I’m listening to a CD I picked up at the Pottery Barn from La Cumbre aka. Salem Place in Santa Barbara. Kaza and I met up there once a while ago. We shopped and had lunch and it was WONDERFUL. I miss you kaza – I know I practically dedicated the last entry to her, but “we fell in love in 1998…” lol. And pretty much all my Greatest Hits or Memories in my young adult life have been with her. Buying this CD is one of them. It has some great 80’s songs. It has me and Randy Bear’s song on it. This is the song we danced to December 19, 1999 at The Cliffs Resort’s Holiday Party. My mom had made my dress and PG’s dress – I LOOKED FABULOUS!!!! lol. Anyways the song is True by Spandau Ballet and that’s that. Useless information here at theworldofaiyani.com

As for Star 98.7……No more John tix will be given away. My only hope now is to get positive in my bank account and get em on ebay. But they’re crazy expensive like $150 for 2 tickets….i KNOW they were like $45….but unfortunately for people like me I will actually pay that in order to go see it.

I need to get some dryer sheets, Body wash, nylons (for work), new shoes (for work), new bra’s (because), and my camera is acting up – so I need to take it to target so they can take the film out and develop it. I need to pay my phone, gas and electricity bill and my car payment. I’m so excited.

But Twin (Tina @ work) today gave me her toy from her happy meal, it’s Stitch and some playdough – pink. Smells just like I remember.

My sister is going to send me her workout tapes she doesn’t currently use then I can start up with those. I don’t know what she has but I’m looking forward to the surprise – it’s like Christmas again! Or my 3/4 birthday present or…..whatever!

Kaza had a bad weekend apparently, both of us are sporting our “be” neclaces now. I think we really need some roomah time. Yah she was here for Christmas but we need her and me time, and barn time. Something like that at least.

Ok, I actually have work to do, so I’m gonna go do it.

I just wanted to get out some random thoughts that kept me from focusing on work. No the DOS is not here, so it’s an all right day I suppose. It will be interesting when she gets back how we will get along or not.

Remember the “Get-a-Long Gang” ??? Thanks

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