These are the thoughts, that go through my head

Why do I have an option to purchase Live Journal clothing? Is that REALLY necessary? On the other hand, good workout clothes right? no?? ok. hhmmmm

We have lift off. Well Drop-Off rather. I successfully filled out 6 applications last night for some local Arcadia restaurants. BJ’s Brewery, Claim Jumper, Acapulco, Black Angus, Applebees, and Macaroni Grill. And they didn’t have “to-go specialist” available to check mark on the Applebees one (that’s what kaza is. lol) AND in my perfect world I get to work at Macaroni Grill. And kaza said I DEFINATELY need to work there because my ring on her phone is yankee doodle. (sing the song) and when she answers her phone she says “macaroni.” So we’ll see.

Toy Talk – Today’s Toy: Mr. Potato Head
No here’s a guy with no neck, that’s just funny. He’s got legs and arms and a body. Aside from the that, let’s dip into this a little bit more. We can change his face. Wouldn’t we ALL like to do that to ourselves sometime? But then again we kind of do. If we must we put our “angry eyes” on and let people know what we think. But don’t we wish it was that simple sometimes? Just take the expression you’re looking for out of the pile place it on, say what you want to say then switch it back. I guess for some people it is that simple, other people not so much. Maybe this means we have to work on it. Maybe some of us get so used to how we look we dont’ want to change it even to express ourselves to someone. And it doesn’t always have to be out of anger. We have loving looks, and silly looks and normal looks. Who are you today? and will it be easy to change for you? Do you WANT to change? Are you the type of person that can be one way for a moment and then someone else the next? Me? I just want to make sure if I “need” to put on my angry eyes or silly face that I always have them with me (but not in my butt) thanks. And you never know what you’ll run into so take an extra pair of shoes too….just in case! (wink)

Apparently my sister doesn’t read this like she should, but her boyfriend checks it everday and updates her. Kudo’s to Matt, but Bad Squishy to the former favoritesister…..and Yah Matt – tell her I said FORMER!!! And she sent me pics today cause she chopped bangs. Wierd – bangs. She looks fine – don’t get me wrong, it’s just you get used to something, and then change it – again with changing. whatever right? I mean it’s no big deal. And I’d put a pic up here for all to see but I dont’ know how to do that. I either need to ask or use the HELP key. We’ll see .

Shawn Jacques – remember next time I’m in town you must show me how to manage the site thingy.

Hi, I’m hungry (and normally am because I don’t really eat very often) and need to go to Target and then Home. Have a great night – and I’ll talk to you later.

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