Up….and Down……UuuuuuPPP,…..and doooowwwwnnn

Oh the life we lead when first we practice to deceive.

Don’t know where that came from….

Hi. I just needed to take a break from typing all these names and company addresses for a “checkin’ in” letter also introducing our new DOS. Oh Joy.

My sister finally read at least yesterday’s entry. She asked me what I thought of he bangs and I told her to come here. So she did – so if she reads this she’ll also find out she’s redeemed herself and I shall call her …..(no not squishy) myfavoritesister.

Having fun with Shawn Jacques last night for like 3 hours on the phone learning how to manage a website….well, at least play with it a bit. You can look at it but it’s very primitive still…..I’m already TOTALLY addicted though and can’t wait to get home to play with it somemore!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jax -you’ve created an html monster…..ps – what the hell does html stand for????hahahahahaaha

The sad part:
My camera was being wierd the past few days. When I open the shutter it blinks “E” for error but there’s film IN it. It wasn’t the battery I recently replaced that. SO, I decided to take it to Target and tell them: There is film IN the camera but it says error, so I just want to develop the pictures that are on it, and get rid of the rest of the film. About 1/2 hour later I go back and she told me there weren’t any pictures ON the negatives…..That it was all black and it was spoiled film. Which mean….NO PICTURES…. NO PICTURES OF THE KNIGHTS AT MEDIAVAL, NO BIRTHDAY PICS FOR MENTOR, AND No picture of me and Ruben. Devistated…..I called him and left him a message – no he won’t care but I DO. Then called kaza and pouted to her, then took to some food therapy by going to my local Panda Express.

But whatever right? I mean who cares if I haven’t gone since last June and that that was the 8th time I’ve gone. Who cares if I got a flower from my knight and Michael recognized me and gave me a hug. Who cares it’s just about the only happy place I have lately……….I CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so my decision is. I’m still going to try to go once a month. I’m going to save save save AND FYI – —- my birthday (april 17) is on a Saturday this year. I want my friends, me and my family to all go to

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  1. Hmmm….
    Well, I won’t be there, but I will eat with my hands and drink out of a flagon…does that count?

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