I’ll tell you this, it’s apparently a sequel.

I’m too tired to go into this day. First day of filming today. I have to be on set (in Venice Beach)at 7am tomorrow morning for “hair and makeup” ahahahaha. Fun stuff. Cool guys I get to work with – that’s fun. People were standing aroud watching today. That was cool too. I promise I’ll go into it later – but I DID sign a contract that states I won’t give the story away or anything like that, so I can’t really write too much. But I’ll write what I do, without giving anything away. Fair enough?

On an entirely different note: Adam from the band I brought home emailed me yesterday. He let me know his show in LA had been cancelled – no deals and then he wrote…..

The good news is I talked to my friend Erik who plays with John Mayer last night and he is going out on tour again starting Feb 5th. They are playing a show in Fresno sometime in the mid of Feb and he might be able to get us free passes! I’ll keep in touch but maybe try to find out when the date is and leave it open.
Your pal,

………um, yah thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaah YES PLEASE. I sent him a message back I told him it’s 2/22/04 for Fresno and I would LOVE to go, and will just hope and wait. How cool would that be??? so ….yay for that and…yah.k.

I’m tired and food deprived. All day in the sun. Gotta shower and let hair dry and flat iron it tomorrow at like 5am……….to be at Venice Beach by……7 friggin’ am……wish me luck and good sleep.

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  1. Sleep well . . . .
    and dream a little dream of me. . . 🙂 Good luck, good sleep, you’ll do fine tomorrow (today).

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