I am invincible, You are invincible, We are invincible as long as we’re alive.

Ok, that was dumb. I didn’t even write alot, or try to post and the window just went away. To attempt a recap:

Kevin makes me laugh, thanks. My mommie loves me, thanks. And myfavoritesister found me a church I like out here, thanks.

Then I went on about how Dawn, the DOS was NICE TO ME TODAY. And now I don’t feel like going into it again – because I’ve already said it. So just know it was a nice change, I haven’t figured her out yet, but I think she realized I will do my job while I’m there, I DO know some things, and quite frankly I’m her tech support when it comes to all the computers back there. Go figure on that one too. “ME” know the most about the computers we have in the sales dept. whatever.


If you can’t call me at home, it’s because they are probably going to turn my phone off, cause I haven’t paid it.

If you try to email me and talk via the internet – know that I probably will only be avail while I’m at work (mon-fri 8:30-5p), because I’m unable to pay the MSN connection at home

If you send me something via snail mail and it comes back it could be because they will soon kick us out because I can’t pay my rent. lol

If I don’t get up to SLOville to play, it’s because they took my car away cause I’m unable to make those payments too.

You know, Just in case. But I still have my cel, thanks to mommie again, but I must be wary of the minutes I use.

And on an entirely different mood – my response to ALL of the FYI’s listed above, is – it’s ok. Everything will be fine. Mommie said I won’t have a testimony unless I’m tested and she said it will make for good interview stuff when I’m BIG. hahahahaaha, isn’t she cute?

Ok, that’s it for now. Send prayers, good thoughts, positive kharma….whatever you do….to: BrightEyes for her car, Kevin and I for our ridiculous situations right now, Kaza and Nahnnah for success in NY, Cortney for school, and …….that I’ll lose weight before I meet John – thanks. lol

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