ps, I need to call Rik

Sooooooo I’m a little chili and turn on the heater at home….

Some sort of white powedery substand like the ceiling comes FLYING out (kaza, NOT a funny flying thing btw) and smells like burning hair. Smells like a vacuum that needs to be cleaned of whatever. hhmmm….I think to myself “no good” and run and turn off the heater. Gagging, I open ALL the windows. The entire living room, kitchen and my room is FILLED with this white smoke stuff and I have to go outside. I come back in and leave the front door open. SO, all the windows and the door are open. um….but I was cold and now am defeating the purpose by letting in….all the cold air – oh did I mention it’s raining? Well, it’s not pooring – but that’s rain I hear and tha’s rain just beyond the front door. And oh, did I mention the smoke alarm inside the house went off???? Yah – at least we know it works, right? “Oy rabbits!!”

So, I’m bundled by this here computer, talking to NO ONE via IM, because you all have something better to do, but I at least found the managers phone number so husband can call and get it fixed while I’m at work tomorrow.

I had Panda Express for dinner, yay – so I’m not hungry; but am thirsty and we have no flavored beverages in my house.

I wrote a new song a couple nights ago, oddly enough I Love it, but don’t relate to it very much. And most of the time my songs are like part of my life, like a journal. Or they are inspired by people around me, close people that while they are living their moments – they become mine. know what i mean? So, yah – I love it; but I don’t think it’s mine. I think while I was playing around hitting keys someones thoughts creeped into my brain.

Just glanced back at the living room. Don’t see white smokey stuff anymore – so I think I’ll close everything up – but not try the heater again. Maybe a cup of hot chocolate or instant cappuccino will do.

And…..that’s pretty much my thoughts right now – thanks.

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  1. If it’s the first time using the heater in a long time, there are two things to keep in mind:
    1) Dust and various debris settles in the vents, and gets mostly blown out after air has gone through it for a little bit.
    2) It’s likely that the air filter on the heater needs to be changed.
    Just a couple of things to keep in mind =)

  2. Lucky you!
    HAHAHAHA!!! At least you have central heating….just think of it that way!

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