267 there, 440 to Sunset Dunes, and 175 back. Those are the miles I’ve driven……

Ro and I turned the corner on Tropicana and I saw this HUGE castle and she said “that’s where we’re staying” and I WOULD NOT STOP SCREAMING. It’s like if Medieval Times is my Disneyland, then the Excalibur is my Disneyworld. Craps is that roll the dice game. And apparently I made some people a lot of money, they kept yelling “we’ve got a shooter” and sometimes they’d yell while jumping about and waving their hands freely in the air. Sometimes it was good to roll a 7, sometimes it made the guys in name tags clear all the chips off the table, and it was someone elses turn to roll. I didn’t make any money, but I wasn’t “really” playing either. The slot machines can be entrancing after a while and the noise goes away once your tuned in correctly. But it was wierd to see smoke inside. The drinks are free and Ro and I got tossed and stayed up til about 5 or 6am Friday morning playing craps and met a couple guys; Mario and Chris. They were fun to play the game with too, Mario was WAY good at it, and Chris apparently had never played before so he was learning too – they both looked 12; hahahaaha how fun! Ro and I slept until about 1pm friday afternoon got up and ate, and went back to sleep. Then woke up again about 7pm and got purdeed up and went and ate some yummy food from a HUGE buffet that had like…EVERY type off food I could think of. Then hit the tables again. I still don’t get it by the way – but I get some of it!!!!! Rulet was interesting, it reminded me of Honeymoon in Vegas (20, 20, 20….20 doesn’t feel good 19 feels good.) which then reminded me of mahroomah and we the text game began. Don’t know which ones she got – but I know I was sending them like crazy. We visited the Luxor and Mandalay Bay aswell – interesting. But we didn’t make it over to the Bilagio or New York New York or the MGM Grand – BUT that just gives me something to look forward to in the future. About 4am Mario and Chris had called and wanted us to go down and play craps again….we’re in bed now but I throw on some clothes and go play. Yah and later kissed that cute Chris boy for a little before heading up to bed at about 5:30am….hahaha – took a picture of him so you can all see later. Saturday was a day of travel. We packed and played for a bit then headed out about 3:45 Grover Beach Bound.

440 Miles later we rolled into the Sunset Dunes and my rearend thanked me for not sitting any more. Surprise!!!!!!!!!! I covered Kevin’s eyes when I got there and Rookie and Loke saw it was me but were letting me play my game. He was like ” I have no idea” so I held up my John purse infront of him and uncovered his eyes and he yelled out “yani!!!!” and the greetings and hugs began. Long drive, Long day – Totally worth it to see BrightEyes and Kevin and Vickie and Loke and Rookie, and James Cheney. Roger Rabbit made an appearance later, he just sort of “knew” I’d be there. I guess that’s what’s expected when we have pretty much the same brain too. Hi – but he broke my leg………thanks…..well ok ok ok ok ok – NO he didn’t “break” my leg per say, but I pulled/tore some ligaments (sp??? no idea)and I pretty much have been limping all day. It hurts to bend my leg, or straighten it. That and the fat bruise I have on my rear from James Cheney winding up and smacking the HELL out of it. But I drank some of his Tokyo Tea so maybe that’s fair…..

I woke up at Ro’s house today and went to my mommie’s house and hung out there for a bit with Smurf and mommie. Then later Roger Rabbit came over and we watched a movie. Randy (mommie’s husband) made spaghettie, Rikster stopped by with some ice cream and mommie told me to keep my knee elevated past my hip and take advil every 6 hours. Don’t know if I’ll be able to pull that off very long, since I have work and shtuff. But it will be an interesting week. my leg feels like it weighs 100 pounds alone, and it moves like dead weight. wah wah wah – sorry.

And now I’m home, husband is not, I unloaded my car as much as I could carrying up everything I had up two flights of stairs. That was fun too. I didn’t make it down for 1 box, I couldn’t do it – it was starting to get difficult. And, not following my mommie’s rules I do not currently have my knee elevated but I’m almost done and promise when I got to sleep tonight I will.

Thank You Ro for a SPLENDIFOROUS time in Vegas, I promise next time we go you won’t need to sponsor the whole, entire trip. Thanks for keeping me awake on the drives too. BrightEyes I’ll email Adam from the band I brought home again tomorrow!!!! ahahahahaah…..Everyone I saw at the Dunes thanks for playing – Roger Rabbit thanks for breaking my leg and handicapping me for a while, it’s somehow humbling and maybe when it’s all better I’ll appreciate the fact that I am entirely mobile and get my ass to the gym and what not….but then again this leg problem is not helpful at all. Thanks to some guy named James at SkarieOkie at the Dunes who sang Your body is a wonderland even though he’d never sung it before and wasn’t all to familiar with the song itself – and hi kevin and vickie….yah really give him my email address….ahahahaahah tell him I’ll send him a copy of the picture or something….hahahaahha……….and…….I will be in town as scheduled the weekend of February 13 – 15, hope to see you around and about. ps. Daaaaaaannnaa is in the Vagina Monologues at Cuesta that weekend so GO and what else can I say except………goodnight.

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  1. IM hurt…..
    you know, i was at the dunes too?… was i INVISIBLE? 😦
    love ya yani

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