Yah, I’ve been at home ALL day, my car?…at Community Chevrolet – the “service” light goes on and it worries me because HELLO this is my 8th car, I don’t want anything to go wrong with it. It did it this weekend, then went away – then happened again this morning. I didn’t know if it was safe to drive and I don’t really feel like breaking down on and L.A Highway, follow? So I take it to Midas – they can’t run a “diagnostics” on it because their lil gagetty thing won’t read info on my car – SO I have to take it to a dealer. That’s by 9am I leave it with them. They’ve had it ALL day, and will be keeping it over night – and I will call them tomorrow to come and pick me up so I can go over there and see if it will be stupid for them if I’m around. OH JOY. And I’d walk over there, it’s like 1/2 a mile away – but MY LEG HURTS. I bought a new knee brace this morning with gas money for NEXT week – so that will be interesting. And……so I’ve been layind down all day trying to stay off it – I’m such a baby about this I KNOW! But it hurts like a peahead (as my mother says, and no a peahead isn’t something “real” i believe”). SO, that’s that. I’m home – lil hungry ….SURPRISED?????? don’t I ALWAYS write how hungry I am? whatever. SO, I have to dip into my rent money to pay my car and wah wah wah.

make it better.


ps. haven’t heard from plantboy in over a week – yah. thanks.


February Birthdays:
Justin Penza 2/4
Jack 2/6
Kathy (mah soulsistah) 2/6
Terry Sue – 2/13
myfavoritesister (half birthday) 2/14
Jen Lynn Law 2/15
Rich (at Sunset) 2/15
Jen Moore (my would be big brother Cory’s wife) 2/20
Denette Blackwell 2/23
Jenr 2/27
Danielle Blanchard 2/29 (hahahah she’s like she’s like 8 or 9 I suppose…..

And a BIG congratulations to Jimmy in Vegas who is getting married 2/28/04. I’ve been emailing him for 10 years and he and his lady Brandi are FINALLY getting married. hahahaah

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  1. You know……..
    I hapen to own my own “computer diagnostic thingy” so if you come down sometime ( when I know about it ) I can take a gander and see whats up for you 🙂

  2. addition
    Vicki’s b-day is today…. Feb 3
    luv ya

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