And I’m talking to SweetPea on the phone

Only because I’m tired will I make this short.

My car is fine. Thanks

My knee, is better – but I still limp. Thanks

However, my car is fine – but I had to take part of my rent away, so that remained incomplete. SO I called the management place and told them my roommate had his half and I will still need to owe – but will totally be able to bring it to her monday. So that seemed fine. We go to the bank, and his funds are on hold. Our bank loves us – we both use WaMu. SO he can’t get in there until the 11th. SO he calls them today…….and he’s never had the “pleasure” talking with Barbara, but he did today. Let me try to just give you the big parts. She’s upset with us and said “it’s always something with you guys” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN. It was only “technically” late like twice, and One time a check bounced; but we’ve been using cash since then. AND then he said he’d bring her the part of mine that was here and she said that he would have to and then she’ll “have to make a descision” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN??? What she’s gonna kick us out? oh joy. Yah, thanks.

Long day at work catching up on 2 days of work. Got there at 8:30am and didn’t leave until 5:45. Didn’t take a break, had a Peanut Butter and Jelly (grape for those who are wondering). Just worked right through. Then cleaned off Dawn’s Desk (DOS)cause some corporate head honchos are coming to play tomorrow. Which only made MY inbox bigger since I’m her “assistant” oh well. It’s just making files and putting things in binders, it’s not hard – just time consuming.

All right? all right. I’m going away to find food as I am……….HUNGRY

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  1. And…..
    Kick Barbara in the ass with a steel toe boot…that is my suggestion! Love you kitten!

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