The Choice phrase became “Yes Please”

The drive wasn’t too bad. Sweetpea and I made great time and arrived at my mommies house intime for me to shower and get pretty. I sported a fabu blue and white dress my social advisor, Shawn Jacques, gave to me a while ago. Then we drove to Sunset Dunes to meet up with BrightEyes, and PG and Jax. I walked in Hello kevin…hello Vicki – hugs all around. Talked for like 3 minutes. Then Vicki said “princess! someone wants to say happy birthday” and I looked over and there was Lloyd. A regular at the Dunes. “hi lloydyyyy” and I flicked my foot and tilted my head back, then Kaza turned around and said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” ………DID YOU READ THAT RIGHT???!!! KAZA TURNED AROUND. KAZA. MAHROOMAH. THE WIFE. THE ONE IN NEW YORK was sitting at the end of the bar in a beautiful black dress, hair up, and I didn’t even look twice when I had walked in. Needless to say the most ENORMOUS scream escaped my mouth, and the building almost fell. She ran over to me and I lifted her off the ground and began to cry. HOW WONDERFUL IS SHE???!!! She flew out for my birthday to surprise me. I’ve never been surprised before, by anything!!! NO SERIOUSLY. It was “wondiferous” (as Rookie said earlier today in a talk about cheese…[kaza laughs right here and says “hahahah pigs and cheese are funny”]) and the BEST presesnt EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to the Fashion Show, ps OMG IT’S TO DIE FOR YUMMY.

The Studio theatre at the Clark Center I’ve been in many times before to watch Smurf and all his plays. The Sapphire Moon set was fun to see. The poles were WAY COOL, and a few times when watching people use them you wondered “who wants to be the pole?!!” hahahahahaha. Using the catwalk (I think is what it’s called) for additional dance space really gave you a sense of intamacy and space at the same time. Dancers were in the front of you and 3 levels higher aswell. Though the best seats look like either the front row or the back row, the middle had it’s justice. I’ll be going again this saturday. I’m gonna try to get there EARLY to get a GOOD seat. Husband will be attending, this will be interesting. Then of course to skarieokie I go! Hi, and then ……..Rookie came out and sang COWBOY and the boys all did their dance and I’m in a car, and we’re driving and we are yummy..thing….but when the lights came up and there they were, and Rookie in the Cowboy hat a pair of jeans, no shirt and a floor length brown and white Cow print jacket, actually I think it was real cowhid or something – BUT the first words that escaped my mouth were “yes please” It was one of those moments where you want the yummy boys to be on a menu, and you just look and say “yes, I’ll have one of those now, and 2 of those to go please, thank you” (Yah and later when they did it again at Sunset Dunes, in my “wondiferous” drunkeness I believe I licked all their faces – go figure). It was a side of Rookie NONE of us had seen, but ALL of us wouldn’t mind seeing again. hahahhaha. SMACK was Ummmmmmm, Freagin’ HOT. How much did we want to be in that Kaza and BE??? HOW MUCH! And Jen Law, lets just say, I’m speechless. There are no words of what she gives in a performance. She’ll give her emotion with every move and you BELIEVE EVERYTHING she shows you. If she’s sad, you believe it, if she’s pissed, you believe it. I want to be like her when I grow up. And Josh… pretty, that’s all “when it’s quiet…sshhhh shhh” just pretty.

Then there was Sunset Dunes. The drunkfest began promptly after I arrived. A princess drink straightup with a cherry, and 2 HUGE Tokyo Tea’s, and about 3 or 4 shots later, I WAS HAMMERED, tossed, gone, smashed, liquored, and drunk. But lucky for me I was not puking, tossing my cookies, spewing, upchucking throwing up or ralphing. Lucky for me PG bought me a hot dog earlier in the night so as to assist in the “let her drink but not get sick” thing we had going. I’m sure I took off my shoes and put them back on all through the night and made everyone kiss my cheek, I think I kissed Delilah too, but I’m not sure – maybe I wanted too hahahahaha. Yah, all the boys are going crazy now. We finally were kicked out by 2am ish, kaza drove sweet pea, BE and me back to BE’s house (and rookie’s house) and we stayed up drinking water and eatcing crackers and cheese (good idea Rookie!) then I think I changed my clothes and washed my face and brushed my teeth and then borrowed a pair of socks from Rookie. Of course I didn’t realize that til the next day. So yah, about 5 hours of sleep later…

A hungover aiyani ate a piece of bread and downed some ibuprofen. Then by 11am she and sweetpea went in and woke up BrightEyes…..because if I had to be awake….so did she!!!! Then we asked if we could wake up Rookie too. SO WE DID! Poor guy. I just walked right in and threw my huge body over his and said “good morning” he laughed (a little) and said what time is it? ahahahaah, I think I stayed there for a bit and actually fell back asleep. Eventually we all made it out to the kitchen for Tea and coffee and muffins. Then it was off to Gramma Barbs for Birthday Brunch.

HOLY CAKE Batman, and I only took 1/2 of it to my mommies house and left the rest at rookie and BE’s house. Then I decided…..Kaza’s still in town, I WANNA STAY!!! Of course it took Brighteyes and Rookie and Sweetpea NO convincing…hahahah I called my boss at home and left her a message. “hi, my friend flew out from new york to surprise me for my birthday, so I’m not going to be at work tomorrow, call me if you need me”

Soaked in the hot tub for a bit, went and visited mommie for a bit, then went to the Barn and played Scene it and Balderdash. yes……The Barn….family still lives there so kaza and I are ALWAYS welcome!! ahaha

by 2am i think we left, tired. But it WAS SOOOOOOOOO FUN

And I made it to work by Tuesday and everything was great.

Thank you to all participants in the “Surprise Aiyani” weekend, thank you for the fun, the drinks, and the kisses. It will be nice to be home soon

Hi and the other day I saw a pair of thigh high black vinyl boots IN MY SIZE, and almost cried cause I couldnt’ get them. I’m too big right now anyways. But at least I know they exist.

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  1. Heya
    I’m glad you enjoyed your b-day YAY!!!….
    got rookies cow robe at goodwill for 50 cents…
    I’m also glad i didnt miss you on this trip up to sloville, though i guess we’ll be getting to see more of you soon. Including this saturday

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