My brain is going really fast, but then again – lack of sleep disables me from making any sense. So instead of writing it all out with emotion and quotes, I’ll bullet point it for you.

* Sapphire Moon ended beautifully, and wondiferously
* Yay for singing with Kevin on Saturday
* I was dressed like a boy and all the girlies looked to the 9’s, it sucked. But I didn’t get the memo.
* Drunk Saturday and didn’t go to sleep til 6:30am
* Husband is a terrible drunk and his ass fell over SEVERAL times during the night.
* I told Rookie I wanted to DO him like 14 times, so I couldn’t look at him much more during the night – I’d just start laughing in embarrasment…but HELLO. COWBOY ROCKED! YUM
* David Running sat on me outside by the jacuzzi NAKED (no HE was naked, not me – I was drunk)
* I’ll be in town sometime this weekend, may or may not be intime for skarieokie – but i’ll try
* I move all my crap on Thursday 5/6/04, Smurf and Step-Brandon will assist, and I’ll be living at my daddas house
* 3 more days here, and they haven’t hired anyone yet, so they asked if i’d come back a few days next week or the week after to help. I wanted to say bad words to them, but I said maybe, if I have time.
* Elle at work made me lasagna and cake for going away present – REALLY GOOD

Brighteyes – let us further discuss the plan we must implement to lose weight!

Rookie – um….yah. hi. lol

Ro – Thanks for playing all the time

to all – It will be good for me to surround myself with people I love and who love me back. Thank you for all your support this last year and change, I’m looking forward to coming home and playing all the time with my friends.

AND. Auditions for Chameleon productions “Sweeney Todd” are This Sunday & Monday at the Clark Center at 7pm. 16 years and older, they need about 25 people……come and play, I think I might even audition, it’ll give me something to do when I move back besides hate looking for a job.

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  1. Can i tell people i slept with you, since we were both passed out on the same couch?
    J/k… im sorry things didnt work out down there but i know i admire you for putting in the effort, and now you know what to do better next time.
    but i am glad that you’ll be back around, i know we dont hang out on a regular basis but you not being up here kinda creates a vaccum. Besides, if jason does this show again in august (like he mentioned but who knows) maybe you can step in and add to it, or take the place of people who might not be able to do it due to other things going on.

  2. ummm…
    isn’t there a clause in *our* contracts that says something like “thou shalt not do a show on the central coast without thine roommate” ??? pretty sure it goes something like that. let’s peruse it together and come to some sort of mutual understanding before i FLIP OUT WITH JEALOUSY!!!
    seriously, though. the move will be painless and smooth and i know that you will be much happier. everyone is so happy to have you back it’s ridiculous. i really am jealous that everyone will get to play with you and i won’t. but i am very glad that you are making positive changes for your life and good things are ahead for you, i feel it. and even though i’m 3,000 miles away, i’m always a handprint on your heart. and besides, you NEVER know when i might just pop up 😉

  3. and also…
    love the subject line.
    “yessir, it hit me directly in the but-tocks.”

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