Yah, I’m here. Successfully. And SLOville (i know kaz, i know) is the same. Why did I move here??? OOOOHHH, THAT’s right – I had too. Anyways. I’m staying in Grover Beach at my daddas for a while, he and his wife Terry were good enough to let me use their guest room for a bit. Most of my life made it into Nipomo Self Storage into a 5 x 10 x 15 unit. Even some of husbands stuff is in there. Stuff he wants me to send him in increments. Oh joy. At first I didn’t think there’d be room, but low and behold, there was. Step-Brandon, and the Smurf were WAY helpful.

AND, I’ve taken over the role that Loke had in Angry Housewives. Jason called and asked me to be in it and I said OF COURSE and I thought I’d get to play with Loke, and SHE’S NOT IN IT ANYMORE.wwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh……..but I understand it was for personal reasons, so Loke: do your thing, I hope everything gets better with your dadda…..and did you make it the pacific the other day?

Brighteyes: playing soon, I promise.

Ro: you too

Jax: I have mula for joo, from me, bobby and B.E’s tix. And thank you ssoooooooooo much again. Sorry it took me so long to get it to you – but I HAVE IT!

Rookie: *slap belly* I don’t know, it’s just been awhile you know?

Ok, I’m going – gotta clean kitchen and get to my daddas for a BBQ. Its like I never left – isn’t that bad.

why did I move back again? part of me says “I hate my life” the other part says “it’s nice to be home”

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  1. It sooooo good…..
    …….to have you home. πŸ™‚ much happiness I’ve left my cell phone at work again so if you need to get a hold of me call vickie or call the house. Coming out to-night? I hope so i miss your voice! Love you cya later

  2. a time for everything
    ~ and everything in its time. remember?
    now’s the time to re-group. that’s all it needs to be. don’t put too much weight (no fat jokes to be entered here, th u) on this move. this is both a transitional and pivotal time for you to re-evaluate who you are and what you want. no one and i mean NO ONE who holds any value or worth in your life is disappointed in you. i know that that doesn’t matter if you’re not happy with yourself but really try and draw some strength from that. people don’t support your location ~ they support your well-being. and this is what you need to be well right now. and i am willing to bet that EVERYONE is beyond happy to have you *home* ~ or at least back on the central coast seeing as *home* is being inhabited by 2 smelly boys at the moment. i repeat AT THE MOMENT.
    i know i go on and on to you but it’s because i love and miss you so much and also…because it’s like i’m typing it to myself. if and when the day comes that i’m heading back west, i want to be sure that i know it’s ok as long as i know i’m supported and taking care of myself. so thanks for letting me secure that.

  3. *slap belly*
    I should have been at karaoke last night. Brighteyes and I went to a Rocky cast/dance party that just didn’t live up to the fun of playing. There will be hanging out.
    You should come over and watch some Cirque some time. It always leaves me feeling like “I’m so lame,” but it’s a good kind of “I’m so lame” =)

  4. its nice to hear you are back
    Yay for you
    regroup, recoup, reshuffle
    and *then* the new plans for world domination πŸ™‚

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