Finding Nemo saved me in Iraq

SO!, yah I get to Rich’s SMASHING party on Sunday, the fantabalastic 4th of July bash and quickly say my hello’s to everyone. Took the Smurf with me (that’s the brother) hug hug hug, introduce introduce, find the FOOD. Hey! There’s Jim! Loke’s boyfriend. Hi, talk talk talk – nothing really just the play the food, don’t know when I got there but asked him if he ever saw Finding Nemo (Kind of a test you know, like if you haven’t you don’t get to stay!!!!!) his response? yes, many times and then he said what the subject title says. HOW COOL IS THAT!!! That’s the BEST response EVER for Findig Nemo. An extra 83 points were added to his score.

The Karaoke God broke out his equipment and we were all singing eventually – even the Smurf….how cute is THAT! hahahaha, ok – sister stuff sorry. It was wonderful to be playing with Nahnnah and Brighteyes – almost complete. We really needed Kaza there, and Randy n Cortney and CALEB! Michael sang Red House – I died. Of course. I love that song, it’s just HOT to me, and he knows it – he kind of uses it against me that way. For those slightly wondering – and thank you for not interviewing me about it, but my “issues” have not necessarily been resolved but one thing at a time. After all, we agreed we weren’t in any sort of committed relationship. Though I know there is love there, we will see where it goes – I know he wonders about Plantboy, as do I. Often. This is just wierd. My feelings, my whatever – it’s all just wierd. Like having to chose for the long run or the short run – you know me at all, I don’t like making the decisions. I will – but I don’t like it.

Angry Housewives closed with an amazing audience. Those who collected points for their attendance at all are: Randy Bear & Michelle, Sir James and Angie, Sir Jerime and his lady friend, Nahnnah, Roger Rabbit, Loke n Jim, my fam, including Barbs & Glenn from MISSOURI, Jack 2004, Colin, Adriane’s Matt, Judy, Mikayla & Kelsey, PG, Elle & her family, Greg Brown & his mom Sherri and Greg’s Girlie, Mentor and Brian, Sccip’s girlie Shannon, and Daaaannnnaa. I’m sitting here thinking and trying to make sure I didnt’ forget anyone – trying being the operative word. Those of you who missed out, not MUCH excuse….you had 5 weeks, that’s 20 shows total, the only thing I’ll buy is $$$ – and not everyone gets to use that one. Sorry Charlie.

I’m still jobless, apparently I applied for a job at Judy’s place of work – didn’t know that one. How funny is that? I hate that, so does my wallet and those I still owe money too like SBC and stuff in Burbank, WaMu. oh well – there’s only so much I can do.

MY PHONE IS OUT OF SERVICE, and not because I didnt’ pay for it, the actual phone – not my number. SO, I’ll get a new one soon, but if you need me leave a message, I’ve been calling and checking the messages. I’d give you my dadda’s home line – but I’d rather not receive calls on that one. I’ve been checking almost every hour and been trying to be good about calling people back. If you don’t leave a message, I won’t know you called though – so a lil help here.

I’ve started a fund for “send me to NY for a week” so i can be with kaza. SO if you have change or A dollar bill – hand it over, I have a designated place for it. Tickets are looking like $400+ so we’ll see. She goes back flying out of SLO on 8/16/04 and I’m trying to back with her. Keep your pennies and give ’em to me – k? thanks. love you miss you need you want you.

John in July is coming up fast!!! I look forward to it, it’s the one exciting thing in July I have. I’ve been in love with him for 2 years now and I’m sooooo not sick of him yet. This is going to be WONDIFEROUS.

I know I have more to discuss or say, but it escapes me. So I’ll think about it, and if it comes to me I’ll let ya know. Fair enough?

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  1. john….did you say JOHN!!!!!!!!!
    JOHN IN 23 DAYS OMG!!!!!!!

  2. because it’s all about me…
    …and i’m feeling really crappy and lonely and worthless and like the world hates me ~ i’m going to go out of my way to whine and bitch and comment saying: “the ONE exciting thing you’ve got going on in july”???? how about me coming home in 17 days?
    left you a message tonight. didn’t know the cell phone was completely dead so if you get this before you check your voicemail… I NEED TO TALK TO YOU.
    love the “send yani to ny fund” love it. love the hat, love the bag, love the shoes. love it. love it, mac. just love it.

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