I played my piano a bit today – that was nice too.

I took a step class today at PBAC.  I’d like to think that I am an all around sort of good catcher-onner…..make sense? I’d like to think that I pick up things rather fast and I have taken step classes many times in the past.  THIS WAS CRAZY.  This teacher was all over the place, she didn’t repeat anything – she kept saying let’s add this or that on to the routine, but the routine kept changing too. AND she wasn’t calling somethings the *right* things, or how I learned them, and she was making up all kinds of stuff.  No deals.  I’m sure I’ll go again because it will make me go, but she was wierd.  – So that happened.

I don’t net my CAR payment in 2 weeks sporting the green apron part time, so I called GMAC today and got a couple more weeks to send it in.  This will have to happen just 2 weeks at a time.  I love living paycheck to paycheck – it’s refreshing and keeps me on my poor-ass toes.  Yah. Doh! And I’ll pay my August membership this friday and my september one two weeks after that.  It’s nice when people will work with you and not hastle you for a gagillion dollars.  you know? 

Ro and Matt leave on the 10th of Sept, I’m taking them down to LAX that friday and coming back up on saturday.  Supposed to try to get to NY – I just don’t know how it’s going to happen, I start saving money then have to buy somethign like a battery for my car.  Or I dont’ know – Car insurance. Things always cost money WHY!!??NO DEALS.  I don’t want to keep pushing the NY excursion back or away for that matter but I gotta tell yah – I make barely enough for gas in my car for 2 weeks and my so called bills.  The Bills however are not as many as they use to be they are:

Car Insurance
Cel Phone

Al together? No, not more than $450 but you work 20-25 hours a week sporting a green apron and see how you do.  I don’t buy ANYTHING I don’t need.  I “treated” myself to some more apricot face scrub, I’ve missed it and the exfoliating (sp?) action makes me feel pretty.  So there’s THAT.

uuhhhhhhmmmmmmm……..Supposed party at Jason’s house this friday to say goodbye to Josh.  Pretty Josh from Oh so Quiet in Sapphire Moon.  hahahah – kaza and I were like …”he’s so pretty” when we first saw him.  I may or may not be present – I’m going to La La Land this weekend to visit a few friends and take a break from SLOville/AG and all the surrounding small cities.  Funny I use to look forward to coming up here every weekend when living in BLurbank, but it’s nice to escape from any place you call home right? right. I’ll be back sunday of course – to continue the green apron adventure on monday and for the rest of my life probably. 

I had a terrible week last week.  TERRIBLE. Got really really REALLY REALLY mad at 2 people in my life, for different reasons but it just became so overwhelming.  I was told when I “lashed out” that I needed to consider others and look at from someone elses point of view – I responded with I only had room for my thoughts and feelings without walking around in someone elses shoes.  A part of me just wanted to disconnect from everyone. And though I’m ready to move on from this, I don’t think I need to apologize because THAT’s how I felt – and those are valid. right? right.  I know I need to work on some things, but it will be for ME and not anyone else.  – ps. if you’re reading this and you’re one of those 2 people, there’s nothing between the lines here.  I feel calm right now and believe I am making sense.  Thank you moving on.

I’m hungry right now – I think every time I write in here I’m hungry or end up getting hungry.  I really want a sandwich from Grand Deli (used to be Dave’s Deli, and before that was Port of Subs – BEST SANDWICHES….EVER!!)  But I won’t get THAT – no mula.  Oh the joy, oh the fun.  Michael and I are going to watch Monsters Inc this day so I better get there so I can get home with enough hours for sleep mode before the green apron at 7am tomorrow. 

AND – what’s “reservoir dogs” about?

AND – what do YOU get at Starbucks

AND – what kind of coffee do you like…Bold? Smooth? Mild?

have a great day

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  1. Res. Dogs…
    It is all about tryst and money and greed and it’s bloody and wonderful!!!!!
    Starbucks…chai tea…

  2. WELL….
    I sent you that little text today..It’s a song lyric by someone whom you refuse to like, but it’s really uplifting, and I kinda thought that you might like the words, cause sometimes you feel like you wanna “BREAKAWAY”…and there’s nothing wrong with putting your hands up and saying ‘fuck it’..I mean, it works in music videos right? right. Moving along….Resivoir dogs is a really cool, yet overtly male movie with lots of violence, blood..and laughs for the whole family. I get the cold minty kinda coffee..you know which one it is, since you always order it for me when we go anyway..lol. I like BOLD coffee…I guess that would be the kind that you could send me…something BOOOOLD.

  3. 1st things
    Reservoir dogs is a great movie like everyone else said… Bloody… especially the ear scene πŸ™‚
    And I dont drink coffee… So I dont go to Starbucks… But I used to go to the coffee bean & tea leaf and get a pure chocolate. (cold chocolatey slush type thing and it was VEEEERRRYYYY yummy!
    Miss you πŸ™‚
    ps. I found your cd again the other day and cleaned the house to the vocal stylings of auyauntie!!!

  4. validation and principle…
    your feelings are most certainly valid and don’t ever warrant an apology. it’s how you deal with them and express them that may be the tricky part. glad you’re feeling a bit better.

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