At 52

My sister just called me and told me Christopher Reeve Past Away tonight.  He fell into a coma saturday night after he suffered cardiac arrest.  I don’t know this man, I’ve never met him, I grew up watching him and I know that in Every superman show or take on “Superman” no one has ever lived up to the esteem works of this man.  I’m sure it must have been an honor to work with him, to know him as a friend and a small part of me feels like one of my own relatives or friends has past away.  He always seemed charming, well kept, polite and kind.  I’m proud to have had him apart of my life growing up, even if it was just in the movies.  Crying a little right now seems appropriate.  He was such a fighter, such an example of life and trials and tribulations.  His triumph over many hearts does not die with him, nor does his hard work and efforts in all that he stood for and supported.  It’s always wierd when a celebrity you’ve watched over the years passes away.  It is as if you really knew them, and for me – I will remember where I was/am when I found out that this world lost him and the heavens gained a truly amazing and wonderful Super Man.

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  1. Thank you, that was beautiful. I was shocked when I heard the news this morning. I’ve been rooting for him since his accident, and it’s very sad that he has gone. But he’s in a better place now, a place without paralysis.

  2. I’m sure…..
    he’d be easy to find in heaven….look for the angel with the bright red cape!….I too was struck pretty hard by this news….
    Fairwell Mr Reeve. And we thank you for adding some color to this world

  3. I was out of town all weekend and not watch/read the news. Chad told me last night and I too was suddenly saddened. I was in such awe of him after his accident. I remember thinking how so many people would give up on life or hide…especially someone in the spotlight. But not Superman…he became even more active. I will miss him as you always miss a bright light when it goes out.

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