I shall post more later but until then……it’s WELL past 12am in New York – which (I believe is where John is tonight, since the last time he was out and about via tour it was 10/9/04 in Aruba) means:

Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy birthday to John Mayer!!!!!
Happy Birthday to YOU

He is 27, a year and a half older than me,  and I hope to be married to him by the time I am 30 (if not sooner!!!!!)

Notes to self:
Loke & Sgt. James!
Opening Night
Angry Housewives
New York in December
Medieval Times
Paul McCartney (mommie had dinner with him and many other celebrities)
The Green Apron
“Inactive” with Cavaleri & Associates (maybe??)

I think thats it for now.

and Seanah! – I hope the car that hit Ziven was damaged and know that Kharma kicks ass and God does too!

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    One town’s very like another when your heads down over your pieces brother-it’s a drag(it’s a bore), it’s really such a pity to be looking at the board not looking at the city….
    Um, when did mommy hob-nob with celebrities? I called you early this morning cause I was bored at work cause (read title), and i figured you were asleep…
    I get my kicks above the waistline sunshine…

  2. hello a career!

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