Your Personality As Determined By Your Hair by Liriel_Nightrose
Your Name
Your Hair Length LongMediumShortUltra-short (military style)Hair?  What’s this hair of which you speak?
Your Hair Thickness Very ThickAverage ThicknessA little on the fine and wispy side sideStringyThinThickness?  I’m as bald as the day I was born
Your Hair Color BlondeAuburnBrownChestnutBlackSilverGraySalt and PepperPlatinumBright RedOrangeBlueGreenPurpleYellowAny other colors of the rainbow I missedCan I dye my head?
Your Hair Style CurlyStraightFrizzyFrizzy as all hellWavySpikyGreased back like tha Fonz!  ^_^Comb-overI oil the skin on my head.  Does that count?Boufaunt  (Elvis)
The Good News is that You/You creative, outgoing, friendly, spontaneous
The Bad News is that You/You are quick to speak without thinking, very opinionated, quick-tempered, can be very bossy
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I know I keep saying I’ll post more. And I will – but I’m going to sleep now as I have to s.t.g.a tomorrow at 7am.  There is much to say and probably tomorrow will be the day to say it.

ps. Sweetpea is t_nathaniel

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