i need to take my bra off more often

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Any ideas why I’m broken?  Anyone? Anyone at all?…..I could probably actually tell you, but that tends to reveal a side of me I leave for very very very VERY few people.  Like my mommie, and maybe 2 other people. 

Tax season is coming up fast and soon and I work 

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  1. Know Whatchu Mean…
    Hm yeah well at least you didn’t spend $4,000 going to Cal Poly to get a Paralegal certificate that opened the Big Door of Opportunity which turned out to be the copy room door yep. I feel ya in the Pointless Office Work Department. All a means to an end, right? I am ECSTATIC about the prospect of being able to own my own little piece o’ Yani (*blush*…sounds naughty…I mean a CD of the songs you’re gonna record) :))))) How many hours does it take to record a song?

    • Re: Know Whatchu Mean…
      sometimes you can record a song in 1 shot…Yani has this talent however sometimes other forces conspire against you ( illness…emotions…fatiuge…so on)..other times it can take a couple hours. personaly I’ve never seen it take more than like 3 hours.

  2. Hmm…. after a bit of financial research I have a plan that might fix the gym $$ problem for both of us, and it includes your Miguel and the Randy Bear.
    Soemtimes I think I should rent my brain…. Hmmm…
    Talk more at skarioke Saturday?

  3. Ummmmmm…..yeah
    I forwent groceries for a voice lesson this week…I’m going to have to ask my parents for money for groceries…I HATE THIS!!!!!! Pete gets paid soon, but not soon enough….
    And I thought my diet was working, but it seems that some of my pants are tighter than they were last week…oh well, I’m bout to give up, on pretty much all of it, I’m ready to resign myself to being fat and stuck…oh well, at least I’m me!

    • Re: Ummmmmm…..yeah
      Giving up is not what we do here…..we fall back to a better more easily defened position and regroup!….I can’t wait to see you here on this coast again….dont get too down 🙂 Love you…..

    • Re: Ummmmmm…..yeah
      when you come home I will introduce you to randy bear. he can work miracles and I’m his next project!!!! he’s wonderful and very kind and informative as well.

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