Note to Self

Post about the following topics:

San Francisco,Rebekah, and Adam (from-the-band-I-brought-home)
Who is Stephen Riley Holbrook?
Recording Songs
Thank you’s accordingly
Who did I have tea with?….are you kidding me with that?

And I’m supposed to finish my december NY book before I go back in 2 weeks and to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t know if it will happen – so much for finishing my “homework”

Please don’t post your questions and please don’t answer my questions above they are not for YOU to answer, they are for me to write about here when I’m ready.  There MY stories and I need to put them out there, not you.

Did that sound mean?  I wasn’t trying to be mean – you can answer to this one. 

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  1. No way, not mean…honest.
    Plus, I know when people are writing to themselves. 😀

  2. “Oh yeah?, well….I hope your babies look like monkey’s”

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