I just sort of sat back and smiled and shook my head watching Joelzero and Missloo12 go back and forth agreeing and disagreeing.  And I’m not sure if I need to explain or not  –

I know I could’ve dropped it, let go – forgave him and forgot about all that “highschool” stuff.  The thing is, I really and truly honestly felt like I needed to talk to him about it.  Like I needed to let him explain his side and me mine.  When he came across the way he did the first couple emails I thought Ok, we’ll both be adults and learn to not build tension when either of us are in a room with many others, learn to work with eachother in the event we are cast together but all in all just tolerate eachothers presense without drama……………I was wrong.  He’s a drama queen and holds on to drama like birdshit on a window.  And I guess all I know from this is not to bother again.  I’m fine, I feel contentwith my responses I feel they represented me where I was and when I was.  If he wants to moan and groan and cry his way through life about his so called past – let him.  I’ve finally let go of my anger and resentment.  He has his own issues, obvioulsy, he needs to workout. 

and Zannie – I meant 7 (lol, I’ve obvioulsy hit “9” to many times)

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  1. As long as you’re happy 🙂
    I tend to talk to people I have had drama with in the past… it’s an urge.. i like to call it scab-picking. 🙂

  2. It’s so awesome to be able to finally let go of anger and resentment. I did that for my ex without having to talk to him. But I also am thankful I knew him because now I know what I don’t want and will keep away from people like him.
    Hooray for you getting that out of the way!

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