ah, SACK

I’ve used the phrase “sack” instead of “shit” lately – it’s much more fun.  And I use “ballsack” or “nutsack” for the same.  It’s funny – and no it’s not an aiyani original I got it from Michael.

HOWEVER – I had responded to the question about if I kept the cel message he left me.  i dont’ remember exActly what I wrote but it said somethign like….

At first I kept it as a drive to prove him wrong.  Then I kept it to have other people listen to when his name, unfortunately, came up, THEN I kept it to laugh at and a part of me wanted to find a way to get it on my computer or a CD or something so I could infact, delete it……….As of today, no – no I have not deleted it.  I’ve pressed 9 over 1,000 times since June 8, 2003 at 3 something in the morning.  A part of it disgusts me and I KNOW I need to delete it – but it truly is funny if you think of how dramatic and random and dumb he is.  I haven’t decided what to do with it – I’m still interested in keeping it somehow and then playing it as my acceptance speech when I receive an Oscar.

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  1. When I was a teenager I went through a lot of shit. My mom had multiple personality disorder and clinical depression, and we moved from Humboldt to Orange when I was in the middle of high school so she could be near her shrink. So there I was, in a foreign culture (I had more culture shock moving there than when I moved to London for a short time), sixteen, alone, with a mother who was in and out of the mental ward. I had a lot of angst.
    At the time, I kept a diary. I wrote down all of the pain and horror.
    At some point not too long before I left for college, I looked through that diary. And then I threw it away. I didn’t need to keep the pain. Throwing it away was part of my healing process. It still took me years to really and truely let it go, but throwing away that diary was symbolic of letting go. Making that symbolic gesture helped me to forgive myself and to forgive and the other people in my life who had contributed to the negativity I’d written about.
    Only you can know, I’m not trying to say what you should do. But maybe deleting that cell phone message will help reinforce your commitment to putting the past away.
    Something to consider, anyway.
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I have some old emails I need to delete.

  2. You want to acknowledge him during your Oscar speech?!

  3. Sure. ALWAYS acknowledge the people who pulled you down low enough to catapult you to the top when you let go, that way you get the award AND the highground to boot! And nope, for once Robin ain’t usin’ the sarcasm.

  4. as gramma barb says…
    the best revenge is a life well-lived.
    and it’s proven true in my life over and over. still, don’t think that our-brother-dwayne doesn’t fall into that same catagory of
    ‘i’ll show you!’

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