Welcome to Sunday, the closing NY ceremonies are beginning.

Home from New York.  I haven’t finished the New York December book – still writing it and it should be “realeased” (as I told nahnnah at brunch on saturday) this december. lol. Better timing to release a book in the right season.  Seanah laughed and asked when THIS one (june of 1005) would be released, and I said probably by next summer.  We laughed and ate…

But – I do still have all my notes, I WiLL write my New York books and a part of me thinks the end will surprise some of you, and maybe not. . .

The Castaways are building The campsite/Pirate Ship………but i REALLY need to recover, unpack – and sleep.  MUST sleep.  Sorry if I don’t make it out there, don’t hit me, don’t hate me. 

love you, bye

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  1. 1005??…you were in New York in 1005?…..tell me what was it like!!

  2. No sleep here either but I still got down with my piratey self 😉

  3. hit a black belt… hahaha…. my mother taught me never to pick fights with ANYONE bigger then me. Unless they are a boy, then look cute and RUN!
    Start thinking of cheers, this is going to be such a kick ass Relay!
    Hey, maybe you could help Lani with the educational display, maybe we can work on it Wednesday night? I’m house sitting for Right’s parents, and while I was told I could have people over, I’m thinking 2 girls and some poster boards are all I’m gonna hostess this week ;-p
    Wanna get creative? You know you are the photo board princess ;-p

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