a brief moment

I have internet access. . . ish.  I plugged in my wireless connection device and am picking up someone elses signature.  Call me a thief, but it works for now and I felt like a genius when I thought of it. 

Beauty and the Beast rehearsals start tuesday.  I’m a little scared.  I’ll have class tues – friday 9a – 12.  Rehearsal from 1-5, then class from 7-10/10:30.  and on sat and suns it looks like class 9-12, 1-3, then rehearsal 5 – whenever.  This doesn’t mean i’ll be called to every rehearsal but I might go when I’m not called to be apart of it and observe.  We’ll see.

I like my classes more and more.  Modern is still not my favorite but it is more comfortable for me now.  I enjoy my Acting Teacher, Joseph Foss (who will be playing the Beast!…oooo…aaaahhhhh, no one knows who that is aiyani, so no one really cares. . . )  He pulled me aside yesterday and asked if I’ve read Medea yet.  No,I Haven’t.  He said for me to read it and he’d like to work one on one with me with a monologue.  I was happy and flattered because he does not do one on ones, he really doesn’t have the time for it and if 60 students all requested one on ones he’d REALLY not have time.  But he said he wanted to work with me, that I was ready and that felt great. 

I’m only on a lunch break right now – I have SO much more I wanna write.  About who I like in my class. .. Mary! Arielle, Lynda, Casi and Christine.  About my random classes I don’t really get “The alexander Technique” and unnecessary muscular tension that stems from thoughts we have and the way we react to those thoughts. wierd. . . Sing Tech with Callum, the “characters” i’ve “created” over the years that I share with classmates and they request to see them because they love them and think they’re funny.

sigh………its cool.  I go to school and play all day.  Hardest class?. .. Theatre History and the teacher even makes THAT exciting to listen to and learn about. 

stay tuned.

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  1. not a thief
    if someone is silly enough have a wireless router when they dont need it then it’s not your fault you can pick it up…..like having a TV with an anttena…you aren’t pirating the signal, it just so happens you have the equipment to pick it out of the air….no harm no foul.

    I’m glad you’re liking your classes more, and more…That’s the way it is with me too. I love that you were asked to be in a monologue with someone. That’s so cool.

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