brief check in

Hi, My name is Aiyani and if I don’t go to school with you – I miss you. 

If I’ve missed your birthday, Happy Belated Birthday

If I haven’t called you back, I apologize – yes I really AM THAT busy.

Life is school from 9am – 4:30 and rehearsal from 6:30 – 10:30pm or 11pm with homework whenever I get a chance. 

Yes I’m still with Cleveland, I love him he makes me SO happy EVERYDAY


I will hopefull see you all sometime between July 16 and August 20. (time frame equals After Beauty and the Beast, and before school starts)

I’ve got to get to rehearsal now.

I’m fat . . . I mean. . .I’m always chunky but sometimes I hold it better, now is not one of those times.

My birthday is April 17, I’ll be 27 and I want:
A Polar Heart Rate Monitor
An Ipod
A Magic Bullet.

No I don’t expect to actually get them, but its wishful thinking that all of us princesses do – am I right.

Hope all is well, and. . . i’m gone.

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  1. I have a magic bullet
    but I broke it blending ice cream….what the hell!

  2. See, i read Magic Bullet and thought of sex toy…but you didn’t miss my B-day! You called and I was VERY happy!!!!

  3. mahroomah…
    it is very important that you remember during this crazy time…
    when the shneckon beckons, sally, please report to me.

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