“thank you tech week”

tonight was the last night of “tech” week.  We have a preview tomorrow and friday and we open saturday night, which brings me to :

Things Aiyani can’t stand about “Oliver!”  :
1)  Unorganized Directors
2)  Directors who waste actors time by calling a cast of 45 together while a solo song is run for light and sound check
3)  Stage Managers who say “quiet please” when the choreographer is teaching a (new) dance to his dancers, the musical director is speaking to 15 children, and the director is speaking with the lighting guy. . . everyone in the house IS quiet
4)  Directors who decide to add an encore piece 2 days before a paying audience is in the house, but also doesn’t give any rehearsal time for it so the actor/dancers are learning it in the lobby between scene changes
5)  Directors who change who does what for a scene change but doesn’t tell everyone (read didn’t tell the kids they didn’t need to help anymore, and then yelled at them for doing something wrong)
6) when dancers on stage are asking questions that were answered weeks ago in the rehearsal hall but just NOW are realizing they haven’t been doing it right
7) certain peoples vibrattos (sp??)

Things Aiyani Likes about “Oliver!”  :
1)  My boyfriend is the Assistant Sound Designer, so the effects sound better than they would’ve (i’m partial to liking him though, so that’s cheating)
2) The choreographers patience and ability to use the words “please” and “thank you” even though he wants to swear
3)  Soon it will open, which means soon it will CLOSE
4) The Fellow swings are dedicated and hard workers
5)  the choreographers willing to jump in and fix EVERYTHING the director hasn’t done right.
6)  Bryn Harris as Nancy

If you go to PCPA and don’t like what I wrote – I’m not sorry, I’m allowed to have an opinion and I’m allowed to express it on my personal journal page

If you were going to see PCPA Theatrefests Rendition of “Oliver!” – don’t, save it to see me as a the ever seductive cheese grater this summer in solvang

If you’re pregnant – how are you?
If you’re kaza – have you seen the yanks in person yet this year?
If you are Lisa Marie – I’ve lost my pancake recipe paper and No on the “Boomers” option, its still a wedding for a princess remember??
If you are my future brother-in-law I like the hair
If you are John Mayer please contact me directly via myspace.com – i AM one of your friends.  I’m the pretty one who wants you to be ordained as a minister so i can marry both the men I love.
If you’re wondering, and you’re probably not – I’ve changed my wedding date to July 21, 2007.  I LOVED 7/7/07 but its too close to the fourth and I don’t want to be in competition with other big days. 
If you’re now wondering if I’m engaged – no I’m not, its something we’ve just discussed

If you know of a place to get hitched that is indoors, not a church nor a hotel – let me know

and if you feel like commenting on anything, please do so – it makes me think people actually care.

have a great Easter, sleep in, pray, or paint and look for hardboiled eggs.

PS.  Today is now thursday 4/13 – there are 4 shopping days til my birthday.
I still want a Polar Heart Rate Monitor
I still want an IPOD
and I still want a Magic Bullet; which contrary to (apparent) popular belief is not a sex toy, its a kitchen appliance. 


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  1. – don’t, save it to see me as a the ever seductive cheese grater this summer in solvang
    What play are you being a cheese grater in?

  2. non chruches and hotels
    The victorian inn (formerly the rose victorian inn) in arroyo grande.
    The kalidascope inn in nipomo i think?…..and the Jack House in SLO

  3. Still friggin’ pregnant. πŸ˜› I got your voice mail and need to call you back. Don’t worry…once this kid pops, you are on the phone list. We have another doc appointment on Monday, so I’ll know more next week.
    As for non churches/hotels…Robert Hall Vineyard is pretty awesome. I went to a wedding there once. It was in their barrel room, candlelit, even though it was the middle of the day, and great acoustics.

  4. Hahahahahahahahaha Aiyani, you’re awesome. You’ve got balls. Break a leg, I see the preview this afternoon, and I’m sure I’ll love it no matter what. That’s what I do with theatre… I love it for what it is, no matter the bullshit. So HOORAAAAAAAY BULLSHIT!!!

    • lol – “thank you balls”. . . ? the kids are great too, they try so hard and they love it. i think i’m just negative about things more than noticing the positive.

  5. Fuck people with annoying verbratto! I hate them!
    This preggy is good…I’m having a wonderfuly fast week with the weekend in sight…with a belated passover dinner and lots of family time!
    Love you

  6. HA! As if July 4th could hold a candle of competition to a 7/7/07 Princess event.
    I never do anything for the 4th anyway… I’ve got connections, we could just have fireworks & karaoke on the 7th instead >;-)
    Any plans for Monday? The Rocae in Santa Maria has karaoke that starts at 8pm…
    We know the hosts and some of us are stuck working M_F in Santa Maria anyway, so WE (and what I really mean is I) would not even have to make a special birthday trip to town….

  7. yay wedding dates!
    …yeah Kaleidoscope Inn in Nipomo is absolutely lovely, I saw my friend Kristi married there, it was beautiful, intimate yet outdoorsy, 2 gazebos (one for the ceremony, another for cake cutting). It is a B&B though, don’t know if that makes a diff as far as not wanting a hotel. WHAT a day 7/21/07 will be!!!!!!! Can’t wait πŸ™‚

  8. I miss you! I feel like tech week tears apart the bonds that the semester has created. Oh, well. It’s fun to be in your own world briefly. I enjoyed “Oliver!” today, but I must say that I sympathize with all your complaints. I also sympathize with your likes. Bryn Harris blew me AWAY. She’s so fantasmic that it’s not even remotely humorous. Oh! Big news! I get to say my seven lines tomorrow in rehearsal! Wooo…. Oh, and PS: My Mommy shipped me my black and white polka dot dress. I’m wearing it Saturday evening with my turquoise high heel sandal-y shoes (why not? the dress is black and white!) and a black shrug sweater. Just so you know…

  9. So happy to see you last night! What a wonderful princessy surprise!

  10. yes…
    saw our boys in anaheim on sat. april 8th.
    will see them again in neuva jyork when we go back for 3 games this summer ~ for my birthday week.
    hope you liked my message. πŸ™‚

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