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OLIVER! closes on a matinee on May 14, 2006.  My last day of school (well, of classes that is) is May 13.  then we do tech week for the second years Showcase and 1st years help out and the last day at PCPA for this year is May 21.  People keep saying how fast its gone.  . . I guess I’m the only one who has felt the 12-14 hour days and the sleepless nights due to musicals  and homework and monologues sometimes literally dancing in my head.  Guess I’m the only who has been excited and dreaded EVERY DAY I’ve spent there.  I’m the only one its moved like molasses for.

I’ve been REALLY trying to look for that one piece of positive every day.  Whether its in a class or in a rehearsal with a fellow classmate, I’ve been looking for that piece that makes me say “yes! that’s why I’m here!!!”  and sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I’m not. When you have classmates that don’t show up for a rehearsal because they’re too high or still drunk it makes me want to leave and pursue my life and not waste my life waiting for the 12 year olds to get their act together.  I’ve learned to tollerate people and how they are, as I’m sure many have learned to tolerate me and who I am . . and what I learned the other day is “I’m not mean, I’m matter of fact” and I loved it and want to put it on a shirt.  And maybe my matter of factness is annoying to some classmates, but you know what stuff they do is annoying too and I deal with it.  What I refuse to deal with is the irresponsibleness that seems to come with the “i’m just out of highschool and living away from home so i’m gonna party every night and only do the bare minimum requirement” attitudes and those who are still underage.  Granted most of them act 18, 19, and 20 – and that’s because most are 18, 19, and 20 but maybe they should’ve waited til they were mature enough for this school.  I dont’ think some are as desciplined as they should be and they just slide by using the “i’m working on it” bit.  Well you know what? . . learn your friggin lines when you’re supposed to don’t tell me you’re figuring out a way to memorize them because its hard for you to retain.  you should be in a different field if you can’t stay organized with all that is given to you.  And stop pulling the my printer is broken crap, if you didnt’ wait til the last minute to print you would’ve been able to take care of this problem before hand.  Yes we have alot of homework and yes I know it can be overwhelming but we are never assigned something that is due the next day because we don’t have the same class 2 days in a row (accept acting, and they normally collect papers from us once a week) you have time to get your stuff together, so GET IT TOGETHER and start acting responsible.   

I’m doing better and better in my ballet class the other day I did a double with my leg in turnout not parallel  – if that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it just know that before I could barely hold my leg in a position and balance and now i’m turning and doing it. its a very big deal. 

I’ve been planning my sisters bachelorette party and its going to be fun and I hope all the girls can make it.  If you have ideas for games please send them to me, I mean I have the bulk of the activities but I need games for her too you know? yay!

Cleveland and I are still doing well.  he leaves for SRT (in Santa Rosa) on May. . . 27? I think and he’ll be gone for I think 7 weeks.  I’m going to try to visit him but it will be hard being in B&B and STGA this summer. 

I’m going to get a gym membership at Golds on Monday or. . sometime in the next couple of days.  I can’t take this body of mine anymore.  And I’ve started Weight Watchers.  And please if you have an opinion about WW, DON’T share it with me.  I want to approach this with an open mind and get my own experience from it with out it being tainted or enlightened by anyone.  thank you, i’m sure you understand.  Anyways I went to a meeting for it on monday 4/24 and began on 4/25.  i’ll keep you update on results providing I receive any that are POSITIVE. . . =)

Kaza – you don’t look prego
nahnnah – thank you for calling me back and trying to help, i have everything i need now
PG – you called the other night, but no message. . . hi?!
B.E.  – lunch . . . sometime when I dont’ use my lunch hour as a rehearsal time
Kevin – love the new logo LOVE IT
Loke n Jim – miss ya!
Mandy n Chad – Congratulations he’s adorable, good job! =)

All who called on my birthday – Thank You, I listened to every message and I loved all of them.  It means alot to me that you remembered and took a few minutes to let me know you were thinking of me. 

and, i’m considering not returning to PCPA for my second year.  some people know this, some don’t.  I have reasons to leave and reasons to stay and I just am putting it out there. 

totally taking a shower now.

PS. please post any toys you used to play with as a child, and your favorite ice cream to me  – thanks.

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  1. Hippity hop, castle pieces (like legos, kind of, but specially for building castles–don’t know their real name), Fischer Price Little People, bubbles, pogo stick, pogo ball, skateboard, roller skates, one of those bent metal wire thingies with a spinning magnetized disc thing on it (kind of like this
    Favorite ice cream now, or when I was a kid? Now–Cherry Garcia, or maybe Cold Stone’s sweet cream with blackberries. Then–bubble gum (the kind with real bubble gum in it).
    Do you mean NO comments on Weight Watchers, or no negative commets? I hope the latter–my mom did really well with it.

  2. mahroomah ~ just breathe and BEEEEEEEE
    th u 18 year olds, weddings, srt (yay btw and yay double turned out pirouette! it IS a big deal!), ww and to pcpa or to not pcpa.
    just remember ~ BE ~ who you are where you are. it’ll all BE as it should.

  3. toys and Icecream
    Legos, and vanilla ice cream!

  4. WW
    You know I am all about WW-I have plenty of hints on what to eat and not eat that are low in points- if u are doing the point one- I could not give up bread for the other one- I haven’t had a regular pepsi in 13 months- yeah for diet pepsi lime πŸ™‚
    fat free or almost fat free popcorn gives you a lot for a couple of points-
    did call you on friday- ran into Andrew Elliott at Vons- very weird moment, reminder of the past- dont you hate it when that happens- and found out david graduates next weekend from law school- all in all just needed to share my weird moment at vons, of all places, miss you!

  5. you already have my ice cream, but I loved Popples, Care Bears, Teddy Rukspin (sp?), and all board games. We played A LOT of them and cards. That’s how my mom taught us math…
    As far as WW goes, my parents are both docs and they recommend it, and I think it’s great. I might join with you after the baby’s born.
    Love you…and you and me..Over the Hedge…we must make plans!

  6. Thanks!! I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to call you after the fun times, but I was on some pretty cool drugs and didn’t even call my mother! (So much for my super organized phone tree. In order for it to start, I needed to make a couple of phone calls.)
    Toys: Little People, Barbies, Life, Monopoly, my imagination.
    Ice Cream: Cold Stone’s Apple Pie a la Cold Stone yummmmmmm

  7. You mean you are going to have a L I F E again??
    We might actually get lunch.
    Counting the days until you can just BE….. (Pun totally intended)

  8. Hello
    We miss you to
    Star Wars action figures & Bing Cherry from Thrifty’s (Rite Aid)

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