I had lunch with MahRoomah today.  it was nice to see someone I like, be away from PCPA and the people involved in it, and be in a ventilated area. 

I like Sushi – thanks kaz, no seriously I needed to be around someone I liked SO bad and I’m glad it was you!!

I almost killed 20 of my classmates today.  Our Musical theatre ensemble meet was at 10am.  There were 7 of us there by 9:50 and everyone else was trickling in by 10:05 – 10:15 with some people that were coming back from SLO that were later than that. 

Things about my classmates I’m sick of:
being irresponsible
being disrespectful of people time and the work we are here to do
not following dress code
coming in to class drunk or hungover or high or whatever substance they abused. 
missing class completely because of above line
drama they bring into the space when we’ve been over and over the idea’s of leaving the SHIT OUTSIDE OF THE WORK PLACE

I need to be away from these people.  Its days like today where there is NO REASON TO RETURN NEXT YEAR.  And unfortunately there are many more days like today than there are “good” days. 

Cleveland leaves for SRT in Santa Rosa next saturday and will be gone for about 2 months working.  When he comes back we’re moving in together so my sister and her fiance will be at the Condo with their Dog Gwynnie.  I just hope with my effing terrible credit I’ll be able to pass and live somewhere I actually LIKE.  And they always want people to make 3 times as much as the rent and I live off of grants and student loans and a few extra dollars I make at the green apron…….so we’ll see how that works out. 

I dont’ hate my life.  I’m in EXTREME dislike of most of the people in it, and my money situation and my weight situation and my living situation always makes me go crazy.

I have some time to eat then I have to get back to the theatre by 7:30pm.

PS. My sister is having a Yard Sale tomorrow. . .
Saturday May 20, 2006
530 Gaynfair Terrace
Arroyo Grande, CA

Its to raise mula for her wedding so if you’re not doing anything for like 10 minutes come by and see what stuff there is. 

Gaynfair is off of Farroll in AG, my Margaret Harloe Elementary School


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  1. Aiy…
    I’m so sorry that you’re so frustrated with us. I refer to it as “us” because even though there are facets of our ensemble that are far weaker than others, I still think of us as an ensemble. I can’t force my Pollyanna attitude on you but I can certainly try and be as supportive of you as possible and try and help you make your experience here a little bit more enjoyable. I hope that you can eventually find some sort of happiness in this experience rather than waiting to get rid of all of us. We’ll have to get sushi or coffee sometime soon because I feel like we haven’t had quality big sis/little sis time lately. We will get our chances in the summer, hopefully. 🙂 See you tomorrow!

  2. remember your brother dwayne?
    he was at rehearsal tonight. fortunately i wasn’t for all of act 1 (th u open house) and he left shortly after act 2 began.
    and…I LOVE MY DUCK.
    if that whole thing wasn’t roommah-speak then i don’t know what is.
    an almond here’s miss kahn

  3. That’s lame. It sucks that so many who participate in theatre (particularly the young ones) must also have drama in their lives. It sucks that you have to deal with that in order to try to learn and expand.

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