Cleveland left at 4:10 yesterday morning for SRT (Santa Rosa) for 7 weeks.  He’s sound designing their entire Summer Season.  I’m so proud of him, and I don’t miss him, yet – but it’s only been a day.  We’ll see how I am in a few days.  I’ve even started a countdown til he comes home, yes – yes Kaza taught me well.  He’ll be home in 47 days.  I’m going to try to go and see him a couple times but with his schedule and mine it will be difficult.

This past week has been truly wonderful.  From simply sleeping in, to visiting Kitten and the little peanut (Jen Law and Jacob Jude)  I got a new hair cut, bought some new makeup (bare minerals, it really is nice and light), had lunch with some friends, dinner with some friends, saw Kaza’s show “Razzle Dazzle” and go see it;it’s fun, got an oil change for the princess mobile and made a really good veggie soup – compliments of a weight watchers book.

Weight Watchers is ok.  My mom and I stopped going to our old meetings, the lady was not motivating and let some random 10 year old make too many annoying comments during the meeting.  We found a good one in SLO but I don’t want to trek up there for just that.  Then my sister joined on saturday and the girl who teaches in SLO was here in Santa Maria on saturdays, so I’m gonna start going on saturdays….starting next week.  I have to stga this saturday 6/3.  But, it will all be ok an in a couple weeks.  I’m in my 5th week and lost 3 pounds supposedly.  That’s including my non-work outs, ice cream, and 7&7’s.  I can’t expect better unless I do better.  ….so…I went to the gym today.  40 minutes of “moderate” exercise.  It felt good, I’m going to try to get there during my dinner breaks once rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast start, and I’m gonna start doing my pilates again.  I’m also taking a “clinic in ballet” this summer through hancock, and maybe a stretch class depending on if I have time for it.  I need to make sure I leave time to work for the green apron.  Mula is good.

At any rate.  I’m doing well.  rehearsals start tuesday 5/30 and we open June 14 and close July 16.  Then we strike and I have about 6 weeks to myself before my second year at PCPA starts August 21.  During those weeks I’m going to skarieokie, workout, go to kaza’s bachelorette party, my sisters bachelorette party, go see Wicked in Orange county, probably go to disneyland and Medieval Times and see my family.  That is no particular order.  Hopefully I’ll also see my friends, go to the movies and play some board games.

I’m hungry (surprised?), I’m going to have some of that veggie soup, its actually quite good.

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  1. I know you’re catching up with the friends you’ve had to neglect this year, but I would love to try and catch up with you sometime this week over sushi or coffee. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry i had to cancel our date! Maybe we will try again this week? I dont know…I will call you. I feel like ass right now…sigh. Love you

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