Closing Night tonight

So here it is, Beauty and the Beast closing night and afterwards we strike so i’ll probably be done in solvang around 1:30am and home around 2 – 2:15.

things i will write about:
cleveland; the love of my life
atreyu; the new little man in my life (nahnnah’s baby)
beauty and the beast

Cleveland and I are still looking for a place to live.  we need a 2 bedroom in Santa maria under a thousand, finding them is one thing, getting approved to live there is a whole other situation.  I have great credit. . . oh wait – NO I DON’T.  I have CRAP credit, and his isn’t that great either.  think happy thoughts for us.

i’ll catch you all up sometime this week.

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  1. you sould come see the shows and bring any pcpa people you can…apparently none of them are coming or can get a ride…both christie and i REALLY WANTED Michael jenkins ( is that actually his last name?) to come!!!! can you pull some strings????
    also you should call us.

  2. Hi 🙂 We’ve met a couple times (most recently, I saw you at Relay in SLO), I just happened upon this post from ‘s friends page. Are you looking for apartments? The Arbolinda apartments (230 and 231 N. College, right by Von’s) have 2 bedrooms for under 1,000…it’s around 950 or so, if I recall correctly. They are also cat-friendly, and the units and grounds are well-maintained. They are pretty quiet, and it’s close to shopping.
    I didn’t have great credit when I moved in, but didn’t have any problems. Jeanette in the front office is really nice.
    I’ve been pretty happy here.

  3. I just got home from strike. You are probably sleeping like an angel. I have to do more of the same tomorrow morning. I suppose it’s worth it. I really enjoyed this run of Beauty and the Beast. I didn’t want to shoot myself or think I was going to have a nervous breakdown like I did during the first run. Much better!

  4. thank you for saying ‘whole other’ and not ‘whole n’uther’…
    it’s the little things that make me happy.
    you will find a place and you will continue to be happy. you will you will you will.

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